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Argilas especiais: o que são, caracterização e propriedades/ Special clays: what they are, characterization and properties

Coelho, Antonio C. Vieira; Santos, Pérsio de Souza; Santos, Helena de Souza

Resumo em inglês Special clays are a group of clays different from the large volume of clay mineral products named "Industrial Clays": kaolins, ball clays, refractory clays, bentonites, fuller's earths, common clays. Two groups of special clays exist: rare, as in the case of hectorite and sepiolite and restricted areas, as in the case of white bentonite, halloysite and palygorskite (attapulgite). A review is given of the most important producers of the special clays and their properties in the Western World, as well as a discussion of the occurrence of these types of clays in Brazil.

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