Sample records for rydberg correction

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Uma introdução à espectroscopia atômica: II - o espectro do sódio/ An introduction to atomic spectroscopy: II - the sodium spectrum

Sala, Oswaldo

Resumo em inglês The present article is devoted to Chemistry or Physics undergraduate students, given their difficulty to understand fundamental concepts and technical language used in atomic spectroscopy and quantum mechanics. An easy approach is shown in the treatment of the emission spectrum of the sodium atom without any involved calculations. In a previous article, the hydrogen spectrum was considered and the energy degeneracy of the angular momentum quantum number was observed. For (mais) the sodium spectrum, due to the valence electron penetration into internal shells, a breakdown of this degeneracy occurs and a dependence of this penetration on the angular momentum quantum number is observed. The eigenvalues are determined introducing the quantum defect correction (Rydberg correction) in the denominator of the Balmer equation, and the energy diagram is obtained. The intensity ratio for the observed doublets is explained by introducing new wave functions, containing the magnetic quantum number of the total angular momentum.

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