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Overweight and obesity in Portugal: national prevalence in 2003–2005

do Carmo, Isabel; dos Santos, Osvaldo; Camolas, José; Vieira, João; Carreira, Mário; Medina, Luís; Reis, Lima; Myatt, John

Obesity is an endemic health problem in most developed countries, requiring serious public health attention. The first Portuguese nationwide representative survey about obesity (with objective anthropometric measurement) was undertaken from 1995 to 1998. This paper presents data coming from the seco...

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El currículum escolar y el ejercicio docente ante los desafíos de la multiculturalidad en Portugal The school curriculum and the teaching activity considering the challenges of multiculturality in Portugal

Leite, Carlinda

El artículo hace un repaso de la realidad del Sistema Educativo Portugués en relación con la multiculturalidad. Describe una panorámica histórica del proceso de atención a colectivos inmigrantes en Portugal. Denuncia como este fenómeno era ignorado hasta hace bien poco en las agendas de política edu...

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Cross-Language Information Retrieval

Oard, Douglas W.; Diekema, Anne R.

This chapter reviews research and practice in cross-language information retrieval (CUR) that seeks to support the process of finding documents written in one natural language (e.g., English or Portuguese) with automated systems that can accept queries expressed in other languages. With the globaliz...

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