Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         r centers
         r codes
         r exposure unit
         r factors
         r matrix
         r process
         r reactor
         r-1 reactor
         r-2 reactor
         r-a reactor
         r-b reactor
         ra 333
         rabbit tubes
         racial groups
         radial distribution
         radial velocity
         radiation absorption analysis
         radiation accidents
         radiation chemistry

         radiation curing
         radiation damage chemical
         radiation damage physical
         radiation decontamination
         radiation detection
         radiation detection and range
         radiation detectors
         radiation dose distributions
         radiation dose units
         radiation dosemeters
         radiation doses
         radiation dosimetry
         radiation effects
         radiation exposure doses
         radiation flux
         radiation hazards
         radiation heating
         radiation hygiene
         radiation injuries
         radiation length
         radiation logging
         radiation monitoring
         radiation monitors
         radiation pressure
         radiation protection

         radiation quality
         radiation safety
         radiation scattering analysis
         radiation sources
         radiation syndrome
         radiation transport
         radiative cooling
         radiative decay
         radiative transfer
         radioactive materials
         radioactive tracers
         radioactive waste management
         radioactive wastes
         radioactivity transport
         radiocarbon dating
         radiofrequency systems
         radiography auto
         radiography industrial

         radiological personnel
         radiological protection
         radiometric analysis
         radionuclide concentration
         radionuclide metabolism
         radioreceptor assay
         radium 234
         radium a
         radium c
         radium d
         radium e
         rail transport

     rain - rbe

         rain water
         raman effect
         raman spectra
         raman spectroscopy
         rare earth additions
         rare earth complexes
         rare earth compounds
         rare earth elements
         rare earths
         rare gases
         rate structure
         raw materials
         rayleigh number
         rayleigh scattering

         reaction heat
         reaction intermediates
         reaction kinetics
         reaction mechanisms
         reaction rate
         reactivity chemical
         reactivity coefficients
         reactivity units
         reactor cells
         reactor chemistry
         reactor components
         reactor control systems
         reactor fuels
         reactor kinetics
         reactor maintenance
         reactor materials
         reactor operation
         reactor oscillators
         reactor period
         reactor safety

         reactor stability
         reactor start-up
         reactor technology
         reactor vessels
         real time systems
         receivers solar
         recessive mutations
         recombinant dna
         recombination genetic
         recorded information
         recording systems
         records management
         records retrieval
         recovery biological
         recreational areas

         rectal administration
         rectangular configuration
         recurrence relations
         red peppers
         red sea
         red shift
         redox fuel cells
         redox potential
         redox process
         redox reactions
         reducing agents
         reference man
         reference materials standard
         refinement grain
         reflectance spectral

         refractive index
         refractory alloys
         refractory metals
         regeneration biological
         region i
         region ii
         region iii
         region iv
         region ix
         region v
         region vi
         region vii
         region viii
         region x
         regional analysis

         regional cooperation
         regression analysis
         reinforced concrete
         reinforced materials
         reinforced plastics
         relative biological effectiveness
         relativity theory
         relaxation stress
         relaxation time
         release limits
         releasing factors
         releasing hormones
         relief valves
         relieving stress
         remote areas
         remote control
         remote handling
         remote sensing

         renal clearance
         rene 80
         rene 95
         renewable energy sources
         renewable resources
         repair biological
         repair pathways
         replica techniques
         reporting requirements
         reports required
         reproductive disorders
         republic of georgia
         required reports
         rescue operations
         research licenses
         research programs
         research reactors

         reserve capacity
         reservoir engineering
         reservoir fluids
         reservoir pressure
         reservoir rock
         reservoir temperature
         reservoirs water
         residence time distribution
         residential buildings
         residential sector
         residual fuel oil
         residual fuels
         residual interactions
         residual oils
         residual petroleum
         residual power
         residual stresses
         residues mathematical
         residues radioactive

         resistance heating
         resistance welding
         resistivity electric
         resistivity logging
         resistivity surveys
         resonance absorption
         resonance cavities
         resonance fluorescence
         resonance particles
         resonance scattering
         resonance states
         resource assessment
         resource depletion
         resource development
         resource exploitation
         resource management
         resource potential
         respirable dusts

         respiratory equipment
         respiratory system
         respiratory system diseases
         respiratory tract cells
         response matrix method
         rest mass
         retrieval systems
         rhodesia southern
         rhodium 106
         rhodium alloys
         rhodium complexes
         rhodium compounds
         ria radioimmunoassay

         ribonucleic acid
         ribosomal rna
         richardson equation
         richardson number
         richardson-dushman equation
         rickettsial diseases
         rift zones
         ring chromosomes
         rings storage
         rio declaration
         rio grande rift
         rio grande river

         rise time
         risk analysis
         risk assessment
         ritz method
         rna processing
         rock beds
         rock drilling
         rock falls
         rock intrusion
         rock mechanics
         rock salt
         rocky mountains
         rod bundles
         rods control
         rolling friction

         romeo event
         room and pillar mining
         root absorption
         rope process
         rose bengal
         rose process
         rous sarcoma virus
         royal jelly
         rubber industry
         rubber natural
         rubber trees
         rubella virus
         rubeola virus

         runge-kutta method
         rupture disks
         rural areas
         rural populations
         russian federation
         russian organizations
         ruthenium 100
         ruthenium 102
         ruthenium 103
         ruthenium 106
         ruthenium 87
         ruthenium 93
         ruthenium 94
         ruthenium 99
         ruthenium complexes
         ruthenium compounds
         ruthenium ions

     rwanda - rye

         rydberg correction
         rydberg equation