Sample records for propanone

Sample records 1 - 2 shown.


Experimento didático sobre cromatografia gasosa: uma abordagem analítica e ambiental/ Didactic experiment on gas chromatography: an environmental and analytical approach

Penteado, José Carlos P.; Magalhães, Dulce; Masini, Jorge C.

Resumo em inglês This paper describes an experiment to teach the principles of gas chromatography exploring the boiling points and polarities to explain the elution order of a series of alcohols, benzene and n-propanone, as well as to teach the response factor concept and the internal standard addition method. Retention times and response factors are used for qualitative identification and quantitative analysis of a hypothetical contamination source in a simulated water sample. The intern (mais) al standard n-propanol is further used for quantification of benzene and n-butanol in the water sample. This experiment has been taught in the instrumental analysis course offered to chemistry and oceanography students.

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Determinação da entalpia de vaporização de líquidos pelo método do isoteniscópio de Smith e Menzies/ Determination of the enthalpy of vaporization of liquid compounds by the Smith Menzies (isoteniscope) method

Gerola, Adriana Passarella; Peloi, Lilian Somenci; Hioka, Noboru; Santin Filho, Ourides; Kato, Lilian Akemi

Resumo em inglês This article proposes an experimental procedure to determine the enthalpy (and entropy) of vaporization of organic liquid compounds, by the Smith-Menzies (isoteniscope) method. The values of vapor pressure at different temperatures were obtained and ΔvH (and ΔvS) were graphically determined, using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation. The results for diethyl-ether, propanone, ethanol and n-hexane are in very good agreement with those from literature. A historical and (mais) thermodynamic discussion on equations that correlates vapor pressures and temperature precedes the experimental proposition.

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