Sample records for lithium hydroxides

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Processamento de pilhas do tipo botão/ Processing of spent button cells

Silva, Cristiano Nunes da; Afonso, Julio Carlos

Resumo em inglês This work presents hydrometallurgical routes for recovering valuable elements from spent button cells, based on leaching of internal components with sulfuric acid (Li/MnO2 and Zn-air) or nitric acid (Ag-Zn), at 90 ºC for 2h. Slow evaporation of the leachate crystallized MnSO4.H2O, whereas lithium was partially recovered as LiF. Mercury present in Zn-air and Ag-Zn samples was precipitated as HgS. Silver was recovered as AgCl before mercury precipitation. Zinc and iron wer (mais) e precipitated as hydroxides. The amount of iron varied according to the intensity of the corrosion of the external cell case. Final wastes are neutral and colorless sodium sulfate/nitrate solutions.

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