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Síntese e caracterização dos nanocompósitos K0,1(PEO)xMoS2 (X= 0,5; 1,2)/ Synthesis and characterisation of the nanocomposites K0,1(PEO)xMoS2 (x= 0,5; 1,2)

Wypych, Fernando; Adad, Luciana Barreto; Grothe, Mariely Cristina

Resumo em inglês The reaction of an aqueous solution of poly(ethylene oxide) (peo - mw 100.000) with a neutral aqueous suspension of single layers of MoS2 was studied. The single layers aqueous suspension was prepared by first intercalating lithium (using n-Butyllithium in n-hexane) and reaction of these ternary compound with water under ultrasound stirring. The suspension was washed several times with water until neutral pH. The suspension was mixed with the PEO aqueous solution in the p (mais) resence of KCl. Two single phase compounds were obtained with the expansion of 4,8 and 9,0Å, attributed to the solvation of the intercalated potassium cations with mono and double layers, respectively.

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Materiais para cátodos de baterias secundárias de lítio/ Materials for cathodes of secondary lithium batteries

Varela, Hamilton; Huguenin, Fritz; Malta, Marcos; Torresi, Roberto M.

Resumo em inglês In this work, cathodes employed in secondary lithium batteries are reviewed. These cathodes have great technologic and scientific importance, specifically, materials for cathodes as electronic conductor polymers (ECP), transition metal oxides (TMO) and nanocomposites of ECP/TMO. The use of a specific cathodic material is based in some intrinsic characteristics that improve the performance of the battery. Thus, some vantages and disvantages of these insertion compounds are discussed, as lithium insertion capacity, energy density, and the ciclability of these materials.

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