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Desenvolvimento de conjunto membrana-eletrodos para célula a combustível de metanol direto passiva/ Development of membrane electrode assembly for passive direct methanol fuel cell

Ferreira, Eli Carlos Lisboa; Quadros, Fabrício Monteiro; Souza, José Pio Iúdice de; Tanaka, Auro Atsushi

Resumo em inglês Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) without external pumps or other ancillary devices for fuel and oxidant supply are known as passive DMFCs and are potential candidates to replace lithium-ion batteries in powering portable electronic devices. This paper presents the results obtained from a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) specifically designed for passive DMFCs. Appropriated electrocatalysts were prepared and the effect of their loadings was investigated. Two types of ga (mais) s diffusion layers (GDL) were also tested. The influence of the methanol concentration was analyzed in each case. The best MEA performance presented a maximum power density of 11.94 mW cm-2.

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