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Extração de esteróides em frutos de Ottonia martiana Miq., Piperaceae, com gás liqüefeito/ Extraction of sterols in fruits of Ottonia martiana Miq., Piperaceae, with liquefied gas

Cunico, Miriam Machado; Miguel, Obdúlio Gomes; Miguel, Marilis Dallarmi; Carvalho, João Luiz de Souza; Montrucchio, Deise Prehs; Ferreira, José Laurentino; Oliveira, Juarez Souza de

Resumo em inglês A new extraction method for sterols was tested in fruits of Ottonia martiana Miq., a shrub belonging to the family Piperaceae, popularly known as "anestésica" due to the use of its roots and aerial parts, in alcoholic preparations, in treatment of odontological problems. For this purpose, a portable extraction equipment was developed, to operate with liquified gases, which showed to be practical, fast and effective, besides being economical and ecological. In the chromat (mais) ographic analysis of the extracts obtained in this equipment, it was demonstrated the presence of two sterols, isomers of b-sitosterol and stigmasterol.

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