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Alilação e crotilação catalítica e enantiosseletiva de aldeídos/ Enantioselective catalytic allylation and crotylation of aldehydes

Fátima, Ângelo de; Robello, Luís Gustavo; Pilli, Ronaldo Aloise

Resumo em inglês The field of chiral catalysis has experienced explosive growth over the last two decades. By now, many of the classical reactions in organic synthesis can be carried out efficiently in asymmetric manner. As one of the fundamental and powerful C-C bond-forming reactions, enantioselective catalytic allylation (ECA) and crotylation (ECC) of aldehydes has attracted considerable attention. In this article, we present an overview about the importance of chiral Lewis acids and b (mais) ases in catalytic enantioselective addition of allyl- and crotyl metals to aldehydes and the application of this methodology in the total synthesis of natural and non-natural products.

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