Sample records for lambda particles

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Desenvolvimento de método analítico por CLAE em comprimidos de Benznidazol para a Doença de Chagas/ Development of an hplc analytical method for benznidazol tablets for the treatment of chagas disease

Silva, Ana Luiza Maurer da; Soares Sobrinho, José Lamartine; Rolim Neto, Pedro José; Silva, Rosali Maria Ferreira da; Medeiros, Flávia Patrícia Morais de; Lima, Leduar Guedes de

Resumo em inglês The analytical method of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for the assay of benznidazole in tablets was developed and validated following the requirements of regulatory agencies. The method used as mobile phase acetonitrile:wather 1:1, a C18 column of 12.5 cm length x 4 mm id, 5 mm particles and lambda=316 nm. The statistical analysis of the results demonstrated that the method satisfies all parameters so as to be considered a safe and efficient analytical alternative of low cost for laboratory routine.

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