Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         l capture
         l cells
         l codes
         l conversion
         l reactor
         l resonances
         l shell
         l waves
         labelled compounds
         labor relations
         laboratory animals
         laboratory buildings
         laboratory equipment
         laboratory scale experiments
         laboratory system
         lacrimal ducts
         lactate dehydrogenase
         lactic acid

         lagrange equations
         lagrangian field theory
         lagrangian function
         lake superior
         lambda particles
         lambert law
         laminar flow
         land application
         land fills
         land ownership
         land pollution
         land reclamation
         land resources
         land transport
         land use

         landfill gas
         landsat satellites
         langevin equation
         lanthanum 150
         lanthanum ions
         lanthanum oxides
         lap welds
         laplace equation
         laplace transformation
         large intestine
         larval stage
         laser cavities
         laser drilling

         laser guidance
         laser materials
         laser radiation
         laser spectroscopy
         laser targets
         laser welding
         late radiation effects
         latency period
         latent heat of transition
         latent heat of vaporization
         latent heat storage
         latent images
         latin america
         latitude effect
         lattice parameters
         lauric acid
         lav virus

         ld 50
         lead 178
         lead 179
         lead 180
         lead 181
         lead 182
         lead 183
         lead 184
         lead 185
         lead 186
         lead 188
         lead 189
         lead 190
         lead 191
         lead 192
         lead 193
         lead 194
         lead 195

         lead 196
         lead 197
         lead 198
         lead 199
         lead 200
         lead 201
         lead 202
         lead 203
         lead 204
         lead 205
         lead 206
         lead 207
         lead 208
         lead 208 target
         lead 209
         lead 210
         lead 210 target
         lead 211
         lead 212
         lead 213
         lead 214
         lead 215
         lead 216
         lead alloys
         lead base alloys

         lead complexes
         lead compounds
         lead hydroxides
         lead ions
         lead method
         lead minerals
         lead nitrates
         lead oxides
         lead phosphates
         lead sulfides
         lead zirconate titanate
         lead-acid batteries
         leading abstract
         leakage current
         least square fit

         led light emitting diodes
         lee model
         legal aspects
         legal incentives
         legendre polynomials
         legionella pneumophila
         legislative programs
         legislative text
         leisure time activities
         lending institutions
         lennard-jones potential
         lens crystalline
         lesser antilles

         lethal doses
         lethal genes
         lethal irradiation
         lethal radiation dose
         leukemia viruses
         level density
         level indicators
         level schemes
         level widths
         levulinic acid
         levy potential
         lewis acids
         lewis bases
         lewis effect
         lewis number

         lewis peak
         lh luteinizing hormone
         liability limitations
         licensing procedures
         licensing regulations
         lie groups
         life cycle
         life cycle assessment
         life service
         life shortening
         life span
         life styles
         life support systems
         life-cycle cost
         lifetime extension
         lift cycles

         ligand exchange
         light bulbs
         light cone
         light emitting diodes
         light guides
         light ions
         light nuclei
         light pipes
         light scattering
         light sources
         light transmission
         lighter-than-air craft
         lighting systems
         limit cycle
         limitations liability

         limiting values
         line broadening
         line defects
         line losses
         line narrowing
         line widths
         linear absorption models
         linear accelerators
         linear energy transfer
         linear momentum
         linear programming
         lining processes
         linoleic acid
         linolenic acid
         linseed oil
         liouville theorem

         liquefied gases
         liquefied natural gas
         liquid column chromatography
         liquid crystals
         liquid effluents
         liquid flow
         liquid fuels
         liquid metals
         liquid wastes
         liquid-liquid extraction
         liquid-phase sintering
         lithium 10
         lithium 11
         lithium 12
         lithium 3

         lithium 4
         lithium 5
         lithium 6
         lithium 6 target
         lithium 7
         lithium 8
         lithium 9
         lithium compounds
         lithium hydrides
         lithium hydroxides
         lithium ions
         lithium nitrates
         lithium oxides
         litter size
         little boy
         little ice age
         live time
         liver cells
         liver cirrhosis

         living standards
         lm devices
         load analysis
         load characteristics
         load dynamic
         load management
         loading rate
         loads dynamic
         loads power demand
         loads static
         loads stresses
         loan guarantees
         local area networks
         local boiling

         local government
         local group
         local irradiation
         local radiation effects
         localization biological
         logging while drilling
         logic mathematics
         long term intake
         long term irradiation
         long valley
         long wave radiation
         lorentz groups
         lorentz transformations
         los angeles
         loss cone
         loss of flow
         lost circulation
         low alloy steels
         low dose irradiation
         low energy electron diffraction
         low equation

         low frequency radiation
         low income groups
         low level counting
         low temperature
         low-energy buildings
         lpg industry
         lubricating oils
         lucas process
         lung cells
         lung clearance
         luteinizing hormone
         lyapunov method

         lymph nodes
         lymph vessels
         lymphatic system
         lymphoid cells