Sample records for isotopic spin

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Aplicação da espectroscopia de ressonância magnética nuclear para estudos de difusão molecular em líquidos: a técnica DOSY/ Using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study molecular diffusion in liquids: the DOSY technique

Souza, Alexandre Araújo de; Laverde Jr., Antonio

Resumo em inglês Diffusion coefficients provide uniquely detailed and easily interpreted information on molecular organization and phase structure. They are quite sensitive to structural changes, and to binding and association phenomena, in particular for liquid colloidal or macromolecular systems. This paper describes the principles of diffusion measurements in liquids by pulsed magnetic field gradient spin-echo (PFG-SE) NMR spectroscopy. The important PFG-SE technique known as DOSY is p (mais) resented and discussed. This is a noninvasive technique that can provide individual multicomponent translational diffusion coefficients with good precision in a few minutes, without the need for radioactive isotopic labelling.

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