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Mecanismos de Separação em Eletroforese Capilar/ Separation Mechanisms in Capillary Electrophoresis

Tavares, Marina F. M.

Resumo em inglês Since its inception in the 80's, capillary electrophoresis has matured into a well established technique for the separation and analysis of complex samples. One of its strongest aspects is the ability to handle materials from a diversity of chemical classes, ranging from few to millions of Daltons. This is only possible because several modes of electrophoresis can be performed in a single capillary format. In this work, relevant aspects of capillary zone electrophoresis i (mais) n its three modes (free solution, micellar and gel), capillary isoelectric focusing and capillary isotachophoresis are discussed and many representative applications are presented.

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Estratégias de pré-concentração em eletroforese capilar (CE): parte 1. Manipulação da velocidade eletroforética do analito/ Preconcentration strategies in capillary electrophoresis (CE): part 1. Manipulation of the analyte electrophoretic velocity

Moraes, Maria de Lourdes Leite de; Moraes, Solange Leite de; Pereira, Elisabete Alves; Tavares, Marina Franco Maggi

Resumo em inglês Capillary electrophoresis has become a well-established and routine-based separation technique. It is based on the differences between charged analyte mobility in aqueous or organic electrolytes. Its major limitation is the sensitivity due to small sample injection volumes and the narrow diameter of the capillaries, especially when UV detection is used. There are a number of ways to increase the concentration sensitivity. This report shows some on-line preconcentration st (mais) rategies to perform it in free solution capillary electrophoresis that are based on manipulation of the analyte electrophoretic velocity during the sample introduction (stacking, field amplification and transient isotachophoresis).

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