Sample records for iron fluorides

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Avaliação de filtros domésticos comerciais para purificação de águas e retenção de contaminantes inorgânicos/ Evaluation of domestic commercial filters to waters purification and retention of inorganic contaminates

Pedro, Nilva Aparecida Ressinetti; Brígido, Berenice Mandel; Badolato, Maria Irene Cibela; Antunes, José Leopoldo Ferreira; Oliveira, Elisabeth de

Resumo em inglês Twenty domestic commercial filters, in order to determine the percentual retention of color, turbidity, dry residue, bicarbonates, carbonates, total hardness, nitrogens, iron, chlorides, fluorides, and residual chlorine (parameters of food legislation) and sulphides in thirteen water samples proceeding from springs, wells, rivers, lakes, drinking patterns and standards, before and after purification were evaluated. The results showed that purifiers presented adequate rete (mais) ntion for nitrates (74.8 ± 16.2 %) and residual chlorine (74.0 ± 11.2) and medium retention for sulphides (61.7 ± 11.3); while porcelain plus activated carbon filters presented adequate retention for color (90.0 ± 19.7), turbidity (76.4 ± 18.4) and iron (83.5 ± 15.1). Therefore the retention of carbonates, bicarbonates, total hardness, chlorides, dry residue, fluorides, ammonium nitrogens and nitrites was less than 10%, and the values of pH didn't show significant variation, for all the filters studied.

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