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Síntese e caracterização de um novo complexo de platina (IV) a partir de seu análogo de platina (II) utilizando iodo molecular como agente oxidante: uma rota sintética interessante para obtenção de novos complexos de platina/ Synthesis and characterization of a novel platinum (IV) complex from its platinum (II) analogue using molecular iodine as an oxidizing agent: an interesting synthetic route for the preparation of new platinum complexes

Guerra, Wendell; Silva, Heveline; Almeida, Mauro Vieira de; Fontes, Ana Paula Soares

Resumo em inglês In an attempt to reduce toxicity and widen the spectrum of activity of cisplatin and its analogues, much attention has been focused on designing new platinum complexes. This work reports the synthesis and characterization of novel compounds of the platinum (II) and platinum (IV) containing 2-furoic hydrazide acid and iodide as ligands. Although the prepared compounds do not present the classical structure of biologically active platinum analogues, they could be potentiall (mais) y active or useful as precursors to prepare antitumor platinum complexes. The reported compounds were characterized by ¹H NMR, 13C NMR, 195Pt NMR, IR and elemental analyses.

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