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Aplicação de α-oxoceteno ditiocetais em síntese orgânica/ Reactivity of α-oxoketene dithiocetals in organic synthesis

Siqueira, Geonir M.; Neuenfeldt, Patrícia D.; Duarte, Anaí; Bretanha, Lizandra C.; Freitag, Rogério A.; Cunico, Wilson

Resumo em inglês The synthesis and reactivity of α-oxoketenes dithioacetals (S,S-acetals), general structure [(R¹C=OC(R²)=C(SR³)(SR4)], are reported. We also showed the application of S,S acetals as synthons for efficient synthesis of isoxazoles, pyrazoles, indazoles, thiophenes, dithiol thiones, pyridines, pyrimidines and other heterocycles. This work aims to review the importance of α-oxoketenes dithioacetals in organic chemistry during the past few years.

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