Sample records for hydronium radicals

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Geração sonoquímica de oxidantes em solução aquosa saturada de tetracloreto de carbono/ Sonochemical production of oxidizing species in water solution saturated with carbon tetrachloride

Borges, Sivanildo da Silva; Korn, Mauro

Resumo em inglês In this work the CCl4 degradation in aqueous solution by sonication with 40 kHz commercial ultrasonic bath was investigated. Sonochemical degradation of CCl4 occur by the cleavage of C-Cl bond into the cavitation bubbles. Oxidation reactions and the pH decreasing in the bulk solution during sonication were attributed to chlorine radicals produced by CCl4 sonolysis, leading to increase the chloride concentration. The formation of oxidizing agents was evaluated employing I- (mais) and Fe2+ ion solutions, converted to I2 and HIO, and Fe3+, respectively. The amount of chloride and hydronium ions produced after 3 min of irradiation was 11.52 and 12.19 mmol, respectively, suggesting that the same reaction was involved to produce these ions. Fe2+ oxidation and the pH variation were monitored to estimate chlorine radical formation rate in the presence (0.107 mumol s-1) and absence (0.092 mumol s-1) of metallic ion during the first minute of sonication.

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