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Utilização de endoperóxidos de derivados de naftaleno como fontes químicas de oxigênio singlete em sistemas biológicos/ Naphthalene endoperoxides as chemical sources of singlet oxygen in biological systems

Martinez, Glaucia R.; Medeiros, Marisa H. G.; Di Mascio, Paolo

Resumo em inglês Molecular oxygen, in the first excited state (singlet oxygen, ¹O2), has a substantial reactivity towards electron-rich organic molecules, such as biological targets, including unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, RNA and DNA. Considering the complexity of biological systems and the great variety of reactive species generated by photochemistry, efforts have been devoted to develop suitable ¹O2 generators based on the thermolysis of water soluble naphthalene endoperoxides. (mais) These compounds are chemically inert and have been employed as versatile sources of ¹O2. The synthesis is based on structural modifications in position 1,4 of dimethylnaphtalene, grafting hydrophilic substituents. The correspondent endoperoxide can be generated using photochemical method, or molybdate-catalyzed disproportionation of hydrogen peroxide.

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