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Um estudo teórico de propriedades moleculares em complexos de hidrogênio trimoleculares C2H4···2HF, C2H2···2HF e C3h6···2HF/ A theoretical study of molecular properties of C2H4···2HF, C2H2···2HF AND C3H6···2HF trimolecular hydrogen-bonded complexes

Oliveira, Boaz G.; Araújo, Regiane C. M. U.; Pereira, Flávia S.; Lima, Emmanuela F.; Silva, Washington L. V.; Carvalho, Antônio B.; Ramos, Mozart N.

Resumo em inglês We present a theoretical study of molecular properties in C2H4···2HF, C2H2···2HF and C3H6···2HF trimolecular hydrogen-bonded complexes. From B3LYP/6-311++G(d,p) calculations, the most important structural deformations are related to the C=C (C2H4), C≡C (C2H2), C-C (C3H6) and HF bond lengths. According to the Bader's atoms in molecules and CHELPG calculations, it was identified a tertiary interaction between the fluorine atom of the second hydrofluoric acid (mais) molecule and hydrogen atoms of the ethylene and acetylene within the C2H4···2HF and C2H2···2HF complexes, respectively. Additionally, the evaluation of the infrared spectrum characterized the new vibrational modes and bathochromic effect of the HF molecules.

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Relação entre transferência de carga e as interações intermoleculares em complexos de hidrogênio heterocíclicos/ Relationship between charge transfer and intermolecular interactions in heterocyclic hydrogen-bonded complexes

Oliveira, Boaz G.; Araújo, Regiane C. M. U. de

Resumo em inglês Hydrogen-bonded complexes formed by the interaction of the heterocyclic molecules C2H4O and C2H5N with HF, HCN, HNC and C2H2 have been studied using density functional theory. The hydrogen bond strength has been analyzed through electron density charge transfer from the proton acceptor to the proton donor. The density charge transfer has been estimated using different methods such as Mulliken population analysis, CHELPG, GAPT and AIM. It has been shown that AIM-estimated (mais) charge transfer correlates very well with the hydrogen bond energy and the infrared bathochromic effect of the proton donor stretching frequencies.

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Um estudo teórico relativo à não-linearidade da ligação de hidrogênio em sistemas heterocíclicos C2H4O-C2H2 e C2H4S-C2H2/ A theoretical study about the non-linearity of the hydrogen bonding in the C2H4O-C2H2 and C2H4S-C2H2 heterocyclic systems

Oliveira, Boaz G.; Araújo, Regiane C. M. U.; B. Carvalho, Antônio; Ramos, Mozart N.

Resumo em inglês B3LYP/6-31G(d,p) calculations were used to determine the optimized geometries of the C2H4O-C2H2 and C2H4S-C2H2 heterocyclic hydrogen-bonded complexes. Results of structural, rotational, electronic and vibrational parameters indicate that the hydrogen bonding is non-linear due to the pi bond of the acetylene interacting with the hydrogen atoms of the methyl groups of the three-membered rings. Moreover, the theoretical investigation showed that the non-linearity is much mor (mais) e intriguing, since there is a structural disjunction on the acetylene within the heterocyclic system.

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Efeitos da beta-polinitração na eficiência catalítica de rutenioporfirinas em reações de oxidação de cicloexano/ Effects of beta-polynitration on the catalytic efficiency of rutheniumporphyrins in cyclohexane oxidation

Guimarães, Christian Alexander; Santos, Mirian Cristina dos; Moraes, Margarida de

Resumo em inglês Rutheniumporphyrins, especially with several nitro groups in b-positions, were used in the cyclohexane oxidation in the presence of iodosylbenzene, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite as oxygen donors, under mild conditions. The beta-polynitrated complexes were able to promote the catalytic cyclohexane oxidation. They show an exceptionally high catalytic efficiency and resistance to attack by strong oxidizing agents. The cyclohexane oxidation was monitored by gas ch (mais) romatography and the results showed that the beta-polynitrated rutheniumporphyrins are better catalysts when compared to other complexes not beta-polynitrated. In all cases, the 2-phenylsubstituted complexes were more efficient than 4-phenylsubstituted complexes. The importance of the ortho effect to oxidation was shown.

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