Sample records for hydroformylation

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Contribuições recentes da reação de hidroformilação na síntese de produtos farmacêuticos: parte II/ Current improvement to the synthesis of pharmaceuticals by hydrofor-mylation reaction: part II

Botteghi, Carlo; Marchetti, Mauro; Del Ponte, Gino

Resumo em inglês The hydroformylation reaction represents one of the most important C1-chemistry area in the chemical industry. This catalytic process, which has been developed up to now mainly to the production of commodities chemicals, has shown a remarkable potential for the preparation of several categories of specialty chemicals and in particular pharmaceutical compounds. Arylpropanoic acids, various amines containing aryl groups, and intermediates for the preparation of vitamins, ca (mais) rbocyclic and heterocyclic compounds and many other classes of organic molecules endowed with pharmacological activity are currently accessible in good-to-high yields through hydroformylation of selected olefinic substrates. The asymmetric hydroformylation is going to reach the stage of maturity and hence to contribute in solving many troublesome synthetic problems connected with the preparation of pharmacologically active compounds with very high enantiomeric purity. The present survey emphasizes the usefulness of synthesis gas as a starting material in fine chemistry, which is expected to be important for industry.

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