Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         h centers
         h codes
         h theorem
         h1 regions
         h2 regions
         hair follicles
         half-life biological
         half-life effective
         hall effect
         halogen compounds

         hamiltonian function
         handicapped people
         handling data
         handling materials
         handling wastes
         hard coal
         hard component
         hard metals
         harmonic generation
         harmonic oscillators
         harmonic potential
         hartmann number
         hartree approximation
         hartree-fock method
         harvest process
         harvesting equipment

         haulage equipment
         hazardous materials
         he method
         health hazards
         health insurance
         health physics
         health public
         health services
         heart disease
         heart failure
         heat affected zone
         heat capacity
         heat dissipation
         heat effects
         heat engines

         heat exchanger method
         heat exchangers
         heat extraction
         heat flow
         heat flux
         heat gain
         heat islands
         heat losses
         heat meters
         heat of absorption
         heat of adsorption
         heat of combustion
         heat of formation
         heat of fusion
         heat of mixing
         heat of reaction
         heat of solution
         heat of transition
         heat of vaporization
         heat of wetting
         heat pipes
         heat process
         heat production
         heat rate
         heat recovery

         heat resistant materials
         heat sources
         heat stability
         heat storage
         heat storage systems
         heat stress
         heat transfer
         heat transfer properties
         heat transmission
         heat treatments
         heat-shock proteins
         heater oil
         heating load
         heating oils
         heating rate
         heating systems
         heavy fuels
         heavy ions
         heavy media separation
         heavy metals
         heavy nuclei
         heavy oils
         heavy water

         heavy water plants
         heisenberg principle
         heisenberg representation
         hela cells
         helianthus annuus
         helium 10
         helium 2
         helium 3
         helium 3 a
         helium 3 a1
         helium 4
         helium 5
         helium 6
         helium 7
         helium 8
         helium 9
         helium compounds
         helium generation

         helium i
         helium method
         helium oxides
         helmholtz free energy
         hematologic agents
         hematopoietic system

         heparin antagonists
         hepatitis infectious
         hereditary diseases
         herpes simplex
         herpes zoster
         heterocyclic acids
         heterocyclic compounds
         heterogeneous catalysis
         heterogeneous effects

         hexadecanoic acid
         hexagonal close packed
         hexyl alcohols
         hf radiation
         hidden variables
         higgs model
         high alloy steels
         high energy physics
         high energy radiotherapy
         high explosives
         high frequency amplifiers
         high frequency radiation
         high income groups
         high pressure
         high rooms
         high seas
         high temperature
         high vacuum

         high voltage direct current systems
         high-frequency discharges
         high-performance liquid chromatography
         high-pressure liquid chromatography
         high-rise buildings
         high-tc superconductors
         high-temperature fuel cells
         hill equation
         hippuric acid
         histocompatibility complex
         histological techniques
         historical aspects
         hk 40
         hodgkins disease
         hoffman process
         hole mobility

         holocene epoch
         holy see
         home range
         homogeneous catalysis
         homogeneous mixtures
         homogeneous plasma
         homogeneous reactors
         homogenization methods
         hong kong
         hooke law
         horizontal concentration
         horizontal diversification
         horizontal integration

         hormone antagonists
         hot cells
         hot isostatic pressing
         hot plasma
         hot pressing
         hot spot factor
         hot spots
         hot springs
         hot water
         hot working
         hot-water processes
         hot-water systems
         hourly variations
         hpd devices

         htlv iii virus
         hubbard model
         human cells
         human chorionic gonadotropin
         human chromosome 1
         human chromosome 12
         human chromosome 13
         human chromosome 15
         human chromosome 16
         human chromosome 17
         human chromosome 19
         human chromosome 2
         human chromosome 21
         human chromosome 22
         human chromosome 3
         human chromosome 5
         human chromosome 6
         human chromosomes
         human factors
         human factors engineering
         human immune deficiency virus
         human populations
         human serum albumin

         human tissues
         human x chromosome
         humic acids
         humidity control
         humidity recovery
         huygens principle
         hvdc systems
         hyaluronic acid
         hybrid resonance
         hybrid systems

         hydraulic conductivity
         hydraulic equipment
         hydraulic fluids
         hydraulic fractures
         hydraulic fracturing
         hydraulic mining
         hydraulic transport
         hydraulic turbines
         hydrocarbon logging
         hydrochloric acid
         hydrocyanic acid
         hydrodynamic mass effect
         hydrodynamic model
         hydroelectric power
         hydroelectric power plants

         hydrofluoric acid
         hydrogen 1
         hydrogen 2
         hydrogen 3
         hydrogen 4
         hydrogen 5
         hydrogen 6
         hydrogen 7
         hydrogen additions
         hydrogen chlorides
         hydrogen complexes
         hydrogen compounds
         hydrogen fuel cells
         hydrogen fuels
         hydrogen generation
         hydrogen generators
         hydrogen ions
         hydrogen ions 2 plus
         hydrogen isotopes
         hydrogen meters
         hydrogen nitrates
         hydrogen peroxide

         hydrogen production
         hydrogen storage
         hydrogen sulfates
         hydrogen sulfides
         hydrogen transfer
         hydronium ions
         hydronium radicals
         hydrophylic polymers
         hydroponic culture
         hydrothermal synthesis
         hydrothermal systems
         hydroxamic acids
         hydroxy acids
         hydroxy compounds

         hypertonic solutions
         hypnotics and sedatives
         hz range