Sample records for greenland

Sample records 1 - 2 shown.


The response of NW Iberian vegetation to North Atlantic climate oscillations during the last 65 kyr

Roucoux, KH; De Abreu, L; Shackleton, NJ; Tzedakis, PC

Pollen and oceanographic data from deep ocean core MD95-2039 provide a centennial to millennial scale record of conditions offshore and of the vegetation of north-west Iberia for the period 10-65 ka. The planktonic oxygen isotope record of this core, reflecting predominantly sea surface temperature ...

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Combined marine proxy and pollen analyses reveal rapid Iberian vegetation response to North Atlantic

Roucoux, KH; Shackleton, NJ; de Abreu, L; Schonfeld, J; Tzedakis, PC

A deep-sea sediment core from the western Portuguese margin has provided a continuous, high-resolution record of millennial-scale climatic oscillations during the interval 9000-65,000 yr B.P. Pollen analysis of the same sequence allows direct, in situ assessment of the phase relationship between the...

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