Sample records for gold alloys

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Eletrodissolução de ligas de latão empregando sistemas de análise em fluxo para a determinação de cobre, zinco e chumbo por ICP-AES/ Electrodissolution of brasses alloys employing flow systems for determination of copper, zinc and lead by ICP-AES

Gervasio, Ana Paula G.; Luca, Gilmara Caseri de; Menegário, Amauri Antonio; Bergamin Filho, Henrique; Reis, Boaventura Freire dos; Souza, Ivan Gonçalves de

Resumo em inglês An on-line electrodissolution procedure implemented in a flow injection system for determination of copper, zinc and lead in brasses alloys by ICP-AES is described. Sample dissolution procedure was carried out by using a PTFE chamber and a DC power supply with constant current. Solid sample was attached to chamber as anode and a gold tubing coupled in the chamber was used as cathode. An electrolytic solution flowing through the gold tubing closed the electric circuit with (mais) sample, in order to provide condition for electric dissolution when the DC power supply was switched on. The best results were achieved by using a 1.5 mol l-1 nitric acid solution as electrolyte and a 2.5 A current intensity. The procedure presented a good performance characterized by a relative standard deviation better than < 5% (n=5) and a sample throughput of 180 determinations per hour for Cu, Zn and Pb. Results were in agreement with those obtained by conventional acid dissolution (99% confidence level).

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