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Reutilização de efluente de tingimentos de fibras acrílicas pós-tratamento fotoeletroquímico/ Reuse of a effluent from the dyeing of acrylic fabrics after photoelectrochemical treatment

Lucas, Mônica; Jeremias, Pâmela F. P. Toassi; Andreaus, Jürgen; Barcellos, Ivonete Oliveira; Peralta-Zamora, Patricio

Resumo em inglês On a laboratory scale effluents were produced from bichromic dyeing of acrylic fabrics with the basic dyes Blue Astrazon FGGL 300% and Yellow Gold Astrazon GL 200%. The residual dyeing baths were subjected to a photoelectrochemical treatment and reused in a second dyeing process. In the reutilization study, dyeings with treated effluent were compared with standard dyeings with distilled water. The results of dyeings using 100% of treated effluent were unsatisfactory, but (mais) the substitution of 10 to 30% of the treated effluent by distilled water resulted in reduced and more acceptable values for difference in colour intensity (ΔE) between 1.86 and 0.3.

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