Sample records for gaseous diffusion process

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Autoamostrador de baixo custo para análise por injeção em fluxo/ A low cost autosampler for flow injection analysis

Kamogawa, Marcos Y.; Teixeira, Marcelo Alves

Resumo em inglês This paper describes a homemade autosampler for flow injection analysis (FIA), constructed with two step motors from old floppy disk drives (5¼-inch). The autosampler was connected to a computer through the parallel port and the sampling process was controlled by software in Quick Basic. The performance of the system was assessed by the determination of ammonium, based on the gaseous diffusion into a bromocresol purple solution, following the spectrophotometric determina (mais) tion of change in absorbance. The easy and simple construction is the main characteristics of this equipment and analytical results with RSD lower than 1% were obtained.

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