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Decomposição catalítica de óxidos de nitrogênio/ Catalytic decomposition of nitrogen oxides

Díaz Cónsul, Julia María; Thiele, Daniel; Cataluña Veses, Renato; Baibich, Ione Maluf; Dallago, Rogério Marcos

Resumo em inglês Contaminant gases in the atmosphere constitute an important problem to be solved in the world. The NOx gases produced as a consequence of engine high temperatures are deleterious to environment and human health, as they promote acid rain and can act in the same way as freons in the destruction of the ozone layer in the stratosphere. In this review, three way and selective reduction catalysts for decomposition of these contaminant gases are described. Details about conditions and problems, such as catalyst poisoning, and the search for new catalysts are shown.

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