Sample records for fluorine complexes

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Um estudo teórico de propriedades moleculares em complexos de hidrogênio trimoleculares C2H4···2HF, C2H2···2HF e C3h6···2HF/ A theoretical study of molecular properties of C2H4···2HF, C2H2···2HF AND C3H6···2HF trimolecular hydrogen-bonded complexes

Oliveira, Boaz G.; Araújo, Regiane C. M. U.; Pereira, Flávia S.; Lima, Emmanuela F.; Silva, Washington L. V.; Carvalho, Antônio B.; Ramos, Mozart N.

Resumo em inglês We present a theoretical study of molecular properties in C2H4···2HF, C2H2···2HF and C3H6···2HF trimolecular hydrogen-bonded complexes. From B3LYP/6-311++G(d,p) calculations, the most important structural deformations are related to the C=C (C2H4), C≡C (C2H2), C-C (C3H6) and HF bond lengths. According to the Bader's atoms in molecules and CHELPG calculations, it was identified a tertiary interaction between the fluorine atom of the second hydrofluoric acid (mais) molecule and hydrogen atoms of the ethylene and acetylene within the C2H4···2HF and C2H2···2HF complexes, respectively. Additionally, the evaluation of the infrared spectrum characterized the new vibrational modes and bathochromic effect of the HF molecules.

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