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Temperature measurements by oh lif and chemiluminescence kinetic modeling for ethanol flames

Marques, Carla S. T.; Santos, Leila R. dos; Sbampato, Maria E.; Barreta, Luiz G.; Santos, Alberto M. dos

Resumo em inglês OH LIF-thermometry was applied to premixed ethanol flames at atmospheric pressure in a burner for three flame conditions. Flame temperatures were simulated from energy equation with PREMIX code of CHEMKIN software package for comparison. A kinetic modeling based on a model validated through chemiluminescence measurements and on a set of reactions for nitrogen chemistry was evaluated. Marinov's mechanism was also tested. Sensitivity analysis was performed for fuel-rich fla (mais) me condition with Φ = 1.34. Simulated temperatures from both reaction mechanisms evaluated were higher than experimental values. However, the proposed kinetic modeling resulted in temperature profiles qualitatively very close to the experimental.

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