Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         f centers
         f codes
         f region
         f states
         f waves
         f1 layer
         f2 layer
         fabric filters
         fabry-perot interferometer
         face centered cubic
         facilities educational
         facilities energy
         facilities maintenance
         facilities nuclear
         facilities storage
         facilities terminal
         facilities test
         failure mode analysis
         failure propagation

         far ultraviolet radiation
         faraday current
         faraday effect
         faraday induction
         faraday laws
         farm animals
         farm equipment
         fast reactors
         fat cells
         fatigue biological
         fatty acids
         fault tree analysis
         faults geologic
         feasibility studies

         federal assistance programs
         federal buildings
         federal energy administration
         federal expenditures
         federal government
         federal region i
         federal region ii
         federal region iii
         federal region iv
         federal region v
         federal region x
         federal republic of germany
         federal test procedure
         female genitals
         fermentation alcohol

         ferric compounds
         ferritic steels
         ferroelectric materials
         ferromagnetic materials
         ferrous compounds
         fertile materials
         fertilizer industry
         fetal membranes
         feulgen method

         field algebra
         field emission
         field equations
         field offices
         field operators
         field production equipment
         field tests
         field theories
         fields crossed
         fields electric
         fifth sound
         figure of merit
         filament plasma
         fill factors
         filler metals

         filling stations
         film condensation
         film cooling
         film flow
         filters electric
         financial assistance
         financial data
         financial incentives
         financial management
         financial security
         fine structure
         finished oils
         finishing surface
         finite difference method
         finite element method
         fire extinguishers
         fire fighting
         fire hazards

         fire prevention
         fire resistance
         fire stations
         first aid
         first sound
         first wall
         fischer assay
         fish culture
         fish meal
         fish oil
         fish products
         fish scales
         fishery laws
         fishing industry
         flame photometry
         flame spectrometry
         flame spraying
         flame temperature

         flash heating
         flash point
         flavor model
         flax plants
         flaxseed oil
         flexural strength
         flight testing
         flood control
         florida current

         flow blockage
         flow blood
         flow fluid
         flow models
         flow rate
         flow regulators
         flow sheets
         flow stress
         flow visualization
         fluid flow
         fluid injection
         fluid mechanics
         fluid withdrawal
         fluidized bed
         fluidized bed reactors
         fluidized beds
         fluidized-bed combustion
         fluidized-bed combustors

         fluorescence spectroscopy
         fluorescent lamps
         fluorine 14
         fluorine 15
         fluorine 16
         fluorine 17
         fluorine 18
         fluorine 19
         fluorine 20
         fluorine 21
         fluorine 22
         fluorine 23
         fluorine 24
         fluorine 25
         fluorine 26
         fluorine 28
         fluorine 30
         fluorine complexes

         fluorine compounds
         fluorine fluorides
         flux cored arc welding
         flux density
         flux magnetic
         flux neutron
         flux radiation
         flux surfaces
         flux synthesis
         fluxgate magnetometers
         fly ash
         fm devices
         fock method
         fock representation
         fog cooling
         fokker-planck equation

         foliar uptake
         folic acid
         folinic acid
         follicle stimulating hormone
         food additives
         food and agriculture organization
         food and drug administration
         food chains
         food industry
         food irradiation
         food processing
         forbidden transitions
         forbush decrease
         forced convection
         foreign exchange rate
         foreign policy
         forensic science
         forest litter

         form factors
         formation damage
         formation enthalpy
         formation free energy
         formation free enthalpy
         formation heat
         formation pressure
         formation synthesis
         formation water
         formic acid
         forming materials
         fossil fuel reserves
         fossil fuels
         foucault current

         fourier analysis
         fourier heat equation
         fourier transformation
         fourth sound
         fractionated irradiation
         fracture mechanics
         fracture properties
         fracture strength
         fracture toughness
         fractured reservoirs
         fractures bone
         fragments decay
         fragments nuclear
         fragments particles

         free convection
         free energy
         free energy gibbs
         free energy helmholtz
         free enthalpy
         free radicals
         freedom of information act
         freeze drying
         freeze protection
         freezing food
         freezing out
         freezing point depression
         freezing points
         french guiana
         french organizations
         frequency analysis
         frequency control

         frequency converters
         frequency dependence
         frequency measurement
         frequency mixing
         frequency modulation
         frequency range
         frequency response testing
         frequency selection
         fresh water
         fretting corrosion
         freunds adjuvant
         friction factor
         friction internal
         friction welding
         friedel-crafts reaction
         frost tests
         froude number
         fruit flies
         fruit seeds
         fruit trees

         ft value
         fuel additives
         fuel assemblies
         fuel cell catalysts
         fuel cells
         fuel channels
         fuel consumption
         fuel cycle
         fuel economy
         fuel elements
         fuel feeding systems
         fuel gas
         fuel injection systems
         fuel management
         fuel oils
         fuel particles
         fuel pellets
         fuel scanning
         fuel slurries
         fuel solutions
         fuel substitution

         fuel supplies
         fuel suspensions
         fuel systems
         fuel use act
         fulvic acids
         fumaric acid
         function biological
         function generators
         functional analysis
         functional models
         fundamental constants
         fundamental particles
         fungal diseases
         furnace oil

         furniture industry
         fused cells animal
         fused salts
         fuses electric
         fusion energy
         fusion heat
         fusion melting
         fusion nuclear
         fusion reactions
         fusion welding
         fusion yield
         fuzzy logic