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Ciência de espumas - aplicação na extinção de incêndios/ Science of foams - application in fire-fighting

Figueredo, Rita C. R.; Ribeiro, Fabiana A. L.; Sabadini, Edvaldo

Resumo em inglês The structural characteristics of foams are responsible for a broad range of applications of this system. Foams produced by aqueous solutions of surfactant concentrates are used in fire-fighting due to their special properties as extinguishing agents. In the present paper we discuss the main aspects involved in fire-fighting, based on some properties of foams. Thermal and chemical stability, good wetting of surfaces, cooling effect by water drained from the bubbles, isola (mais) tion of the air from the burning surface and suppression of flammable vapors are some of the factors involved in the extinguishment of fire by foams.

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