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Formação de adutos exocíclicos com bases de DNA: implicações em mutagênese e carcinogênese/ Exocyclic DNA adducts: implications in mutagenesis and carcinogenesis

Loureiro, Ana Paula M.; Di Mascio, Paolo; Medeiros, Marisa H. G.

Resumo em inglês A number of ring-extended DNA adducts resulting from reaction of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes, or their epoxides, with DNA bases have been characterized in recent years. These adducts can lead to miscoding during DNA replication which, if not repaired, result in mutations that can contribute to cancer development. Recently, the use of ultrasensitive methods allowed the detection of background levels of etheno DNA adducts in tissues of untreated animals and humans sugg (mais) esting the existence of endogenous sources of reactive intermediates. In this review, we briefly summarize the recent advances in the chemistry of these DNA lesions.

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Determinação da Estereoquímica Relativa de Pimaradienos Através de Produtos de Oxidação/ Relative stereochemistry determination of pimaradienes through oxidative products

Cruz, Frederico Guaré; Roque, Nídia Franca

Resumo em inglês Pimaradienes, including isopimaradienes, with an endocyclic double bond between C-9 and C-11 are uncommon compounds in nature. The diterpenoid pimar-9(11),15-dien-19-oic acid (1) was isolated from Mikania triangularis (Asteraceae) and the correct stereochemistry of 1was established by ¹H and 13C NMR studies of several oxidative products, mainly epoxides, of this compound and its double bond isomers.

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