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Propelente sólido compósito polibutadiênico: I- influência do agente de ligação/ Solid polyurethane-based composite propellant: I- influence of the bonding agent

Sciamareli, Jairo; Takahashi, Marta Ferreira Koyama; Teixeira, José Maria; Iha, Koshun

Resumo em inglês In the Brazilian Complete Spacial Mission, the research of Vehicle Satellite Launcher is important. The solid propellant composite used in this vehicle is made with ammonium perchlorate, aluminiun powder and hydroxy terminated polibutadiene resin. In the propellant the bonding agent has a function to promote the interaction between solids and polimeric matrix, improving mechanical properties as stress, strain, aging characteristics and moisture embrittlement. Due its impo (mais) rtance in propellant, bonding agent is consider as industrial secret and the literature about it is generic, without greater informations.

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