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Elementos-traço e sódio em suco de uva: aspectos nutricionais e toxicológicos/ Trace elements and sodium in grape juice: nutritional and toxicological aspects

Assis, Roberta Amorim de; Küchler, Ivo Lewin; Miekeley, Norbert; Silveira, Carmem Lúcia Porto da

Resumo em inglês Eight trace elements were determined in 20 Brazilian brands of grape juice, distributed over the country. Highest measured concentrations (As: 0.016; Cd: 0.010; Cr: 0.060; Cu: 1.28; Ni: 0.032; Pb: 0.016; Sb: 0.0040 and Zn: 1.44 mg L-1) comply with Brazilian maximal tolerance levels for inorganic contaminants (As: 0.5; Cd: 0.5; Cr: 0.1; Cu: 30; Ni: 3; Pb: 0.4; Sb: 1 and Zn: 25 mg L-1). Determination of arsenic species has shown inorganic As(V) as predominant in most sample (mais) s. Sodium concentrations, nowadays a major public health concern, were also measured, showing an average of 149 mg L-1. Analytical results for this element were much higher than label concentrations, showing the need for better quality control.

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