Sample records for electron-phonon coupling

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Influência da espessura nas propriedades de absorção e emissão e na morfologia de filmes automontados de poli(p-fenileno vinileno/ Influence of the thickness on absorbance and emission spectra and surface morphology of self-assembled poly(p-phenylene vinylene) films

Piovesan, Erick; Hidalgo, Ángel Alberto; Marletta, Alexandre; Vega, Maria Leticia; Ruggiero, Reinaldo

Resumo em inglês In this report, we studied the thickness effect on the optical and morphological properties of self-assembled (SA) poly(p-phenylenevinylene) (PPV) films, wich were processed with 5 and 75 layers from a PPV precursor polymer and dodecylbenzenesulfonate, and then, thermally converted at 230 °C. The increase of the film thickness yielded more intense peaks in the vibrational spectral range. The electron-phonon coupling was quantified by the Huang - Rhys factor, that show (mais) s the effects on the polymer chain mobility in the interface substrate/polymer. A strong emission anisotropy r=0.57 was observed for the film with 5 layers of thickness decreasing to 0.34 for the film with 75 layers. Finally, the surface topology of the films was measured using Atomic Force Microscopy.

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