Sample records for diols

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Oxidações eletrocatalíticas de álcoois e dióis em meio bifásico utilizando metanossulfonato de CeIV como mediador/ Electrocatalytic oxidation of alcohols and diols in a biphasic medium using CeIV methanesulfonate as mediator

Lavagnoli, L. V.; Madurro, J. M.; Romero, J. R.

Resumo em inglês Some alcohols and diols were oxidized electrocatalytically in a biphasic system using ceriumIV methanesulphonate as mediator. A mixture of methanesulphonic acid solution and benzene was used and aldehydes, ketones and diacids were some of the principal products obtained with yield varying from 27 to 98%. In several cases selectivity was obtained.

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