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A reação de Diels-Alder no início do século vinte um/ The Diels-Alder reaction at the beginning of the twenty-first century

Brocksom, Timothy John; Donatoni, Maria Carolina; Uliana, Marciana Pierina; Vieira, Ygor William

Resumo em inglês The Diels-Alder reaction continues to be the premier method for the construction of complex organic molecules. In the last 10 years many developments have been introduced, and have led to increased utility of this reaction. In this review we present some of these novelties, which are of fundamental importance in organic synthesis.

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Reações orgânicas em meio aquoso/ Organic reactions in aqueous media

Silva, Flavia Martins da; Jones Jr, Joel

Resumo em inglês The use of water as solvent in organic reactions has been uncommon for several reasons, among them the low solubility of the reactants, the incompatibility of the intermediates with water, and the competition between the desired reaction and hydrolysis. Breslow in 1980, demonstrated that the hydrophobic effect accelerates Diels-Alder reactions and gives a high endo/exo selectivity. Since then, many other reactions were studied in this medium, and below we show the princip (mais) al results. Besides the academic interest, human and economic aspects are included in this study. Water as a solvent minimizes environmental impact, costs and increases operational safety.

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