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Reações de inserção intramolecular de diazo compostos polifuncionais catalisadas por ródio(II): síntese de oxetan-3-ona-2-carboxilato e outros heterociclos funcionalizados/ Rhodium(II)-catalysed intramolecular insertion reaction of multifunctional diazo compounds: synthesis of oxetan-3-one-2-carboxilate and other heterocycles

Padwa, Albert; Sá, Marcus Mandolesi

Resumo em inglês gamma-Hydroxy-alpha-diazo-beta-ketoesters are key intermediates in the chemistry of penicilin-based antibiotics and natural products. The method developed here for the synthesis of ethyl 2-diazo-4-hydroxy-3-oxo-butanoate 17 (in two steps from the diazo mercurial 2) compares very favorably with those reported in the literature for similar compounds. The Rh2(OAc)4-mediated intramolecular OH-insertion reaction of the diazo hydroxy ester 17 was investigated, furnishing the ox (mais) etan-3-one-2-carboxilate 18 in good yield. When the diazo ester lacks a free hydroxyl group as in the case of the phenoxy diazo ester 11 an intramolecular CH-insertion takes place, affording the 2H-chromene 20 in almost quantitative yield. The behavior of other functionalized diazo esters towards Rh2(OAc)4 was also investigated.

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Compostos alfa-diazo carbonílicos: uma estratégia atraente para a síntese orgânica/ alpha-diazo carbonyl compounds: an atractive estrategy in organic synthesis

Ferreira, Vítor F.; Pereira, Letícia O. R.; Souza, Maria Cecília B. V. de; Cunha, Anna C.

Resumo em inglês Diazocarbonyl compounds are a very important class of organic substances which have a long history of useful aplications in organic chemistry. The focus of this report deals with the use of diazocarbonyl compounds in a ariety of important reactions and their application in organic synthesis. These reactions are briefly summarized showing their broad scope.

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