Sample records for dehalogenation

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Metil coenzima M redutase (MCR) e o fator 430 (F430)/ Methyl coenzyme M reductase and the factor 430

Nakagaki, Shirley; Friedermann, Geraldo Roberto; Caiut, José Maurício Almeida

Resumo em inglês This review presents studies on methyl coenzyme M reductase, the biological system Factor 430 (F430) and the use of nickel(II) complexes as structural and functional models. The ability of F430 and nickel(II) macrocycle complexes to mediate the reductive dehalogenation of cyclohexyl halogens and the CH3-S bond cleavage of methyl CoM (by sodium borohydride and some intermediate species) proposed for the catalytic cycle of the biological system F430 was reviewed. The import (mais) ance of the structure of the nickel complexes and the condition of the catalytic reduction reaction are also discussed.

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