Sample records for cyclic esters

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Síntese de β-cetoésteres cíclicos: novo procedimento para ciclizações de Dieckmann empregando ALCL3 e trietilamina/ Synthesis of β-keto esters: new easy procedure for dieckmann cyclization employing aluminum chloride and triethylamine

Peçanha, Emerson P.; Barreiro, Eliezer J.; Fraga, Carlos A. M.

Resumo em inglês In this communication we describe a new methodology to Dieckmann cyclization of diethyl adipate (1) and diethyl pimelate (3) applying "push-pull" strategy using anhydrous aluminium trichloride and triethylamine in dichloromethane at room temperature. This method is very efficient, simple, safe and reproducible, giving the corresponding cyclic β-keto ester derivatives in 84% and 71% yield, respectively.

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Síntese de novas amidas graxas a partir da aminólise de ésteres metílicos/ Synthesis of new fatty acids amides from aminolysis of fames

Lopes, Carolina R.; D'Oca, Caroline Da Ros Montes; Duarte, Rodrigo da C.; Kurz, Márcia H. S.; Primel, Ednei G.; Clementin, Rosilene M.; Villarreyes, Joaquín Ariel M.; D'Oca, Marcelo G. Montes

Resumo em inglês Recent biochemical and pharmacological studies have led to the characterization of different fatty acid amides as a new family of biologically active lipids. Here, we describe the synthesis of new amides from C16:0, 18:0, 18:1 and 18:1, OH fatty acids (FFA) families with cyclic and acyclic amines and demonstrate for the first time that these compounds produce citotoxic effects. Application of this method to the synthesis of fatty acid amides was performed using the esters (mais) aminolysis as a key step and various carboxylic amides were prepared in good yield from fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs).

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