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Pilarização de uma argila brasileira com poliidroxications de alumínio: preparação, caracterização e propriedades catalíticas/ Pillarization of a brazilian clay with aluminium polyhydroxications: preparation, characterization and catalytic properties

Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Sprung, Renato

Resumo em inglês Montmorillonite clay from Brazil was pillared with aluminium polyhydroxications. The influence of aging of the pillaring solution and the concentration of the clay suspension on the properties of the prepared materials was studied. The materials were characterized by chemical analysis, XRD and pore analysis by N2 adsorption. The catalytic properties were evaluated in the cumene cracking reaction. Results showed that the pillarization process increases the basal spaces of natural clay from 9.7 to 18.5 Å and the surface area from 41 to 300 m²/g.

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