Sample records for cost overruns

Sample records 1 - 4 shown.


Study and analysis of the reasons for the lack of competitiveness of portuguese construction industry : implemented research surveys

Couto, J. Pedro

The lack of accomplishment of the main management functions in construction projects had been reported worldwide. The symptoms are well recognized, like cost and time overruns, defícient quality and lack of safety. To help clarifying the reasons for this evidence, several surveys were carried to Por...

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Management functions and competitiveness in the Portuguese construction industry

Pires, Brígida; Teixeira, José M. Cardoso; Moura, Helder M. Pinto

The construction industry faces a wide range of challenges that ought to be addressed if it is to maintain and, if possible, improve its competitiveness. The key interrelated elements of competitiveness have been the focus of many international research projects and studies. The measurement of this ...

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Dealing with cost and time in the Portuguese construction industry

Moura, Helder M. Pinto; Teixeira, José M. Cardoso; Pires, Brígida

Most construction projects in Portugal do not fully achieve the main management functions, namely cost and time. Accordingly, the competitiveness of the Portuguese construction industry has been ranked fairly low. A survey was conducted among the main construction stakeholders to help clarify the re...

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