Sample records for condensation organic compounds

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Síntese de fotoprotetores e sua imobilização em poli(metacrilato de metilo): um projeto integrado de química orgânica, química de polímeros e fotoquímica/ Sunscreen synthesis and their immobilisition on polymethylmethacrylate: an integrated project in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and photochemistry

Murtinho, Dina Maria B.; Serra, Maria Elisa S.; Pineiro, Marta

Resumo em inglês Dibenzalacetone and other aldol condensation products are known sunscreens commonly used in cosmetics. This type of compounds can easily be prepared in an Organic Chemistry Lab by reaction of aldehydes with ketones in basic medium. These compounds can be incorporated in poly(methyl methacrylate) and used as UV light absorbers, for example in sunglasses. This project has the advantage of using inexpensive reagents which are readily available in Chemistry Laboratories. This experiment can also be a base starting point for discussions of organic, polymer and photochemistry topics.

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