Sample records for charged currents

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Considerações sobre a eletrogeração de peróxido de hidrogênio/ Considerations on the hydrogen peroxide electrogeneration

Ragnini, Christiane A. R.; Di Iglia, Rosana A.; Bertazzoli, Rodnei

Resumo em inglês This paper presents some results that may be used as previous considerations to a hydrogen peroxide electrogeneration process design. A kinetic study of oxygen dissolution in aqueous solution is carried out and rate constants for oxygen dissolution are calculated. Voltammetric experiments on vitreous carbon cathode shown that the low saturation concentration drives the oxygen reduction process to a mass transfer controlled process which exhibits low values of limiting cur (mais) rents. Results have shown that the hydrogen peroxide formation and its decomposition to water are separated by 400 mV on the vitreous carbon surface. Diffusion coefficients for oxygen and hydrogen peroxide are calculated using data taken from Levich and Tafel plots. In a series of bulk electrolysis experiments hydrogen peroxide was electrogenerated at several potential values, and concentration profiles as a function of the electrical charged passed were obtained. Data shown that, since limiting current plateaus are poorly defined onto reticulated vitreous carbon, cathodic efficiency may be a good criterion for choosing the potential value in which hydrogen peroxide electrogeneration should be carried out.

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