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Degradação do pesticida Padron® por processos fotoquímicos utilizando luz artificial e solar/ Degradation of Padron® by photochemical processes using artificial and sunlight radiation

Teixeira, Silvio César Godinho; Canela, Maria Cristina

Resumo em inglês Destruction of Padron® (dye and picloram) was evaluated using a photoreactor and a solar reactor. Photolysis was observed using only a germicide lamp (GL). Black light (BL) and H2O2 (172 mmol L-1) promoted a conversion of 49% and 6% of dye and picloram, respectively. Photocatalytic processes were more efficient using TiO2/GL (96%-dye; 60%-picloram) than TiO2/BL (44%-dye; 40%-picloram). Photolysis using sunlight was not observed during PadronÒ recirculation in the reacto (mais) r constructed with four borosilicate tubes. Meanwhile, adding H2O2 resulted in 12% conversion of dissolved organic compounds. Finally, the most efficient mineralization (60%) was obtained using the Fenton reaction ( H2O2-176 mmol L-1; FeSO4x6H2O-90 mmol L-1) and sunlight.

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Aproveitamento sustentável de biomassa e de recursos naturais na inovação química/ Sustainable use fo biomass and natural resources for chemical innovation

Galembeck, Fernando; Barbosa, César Augusto Sales; Sousa, Rafael Arromba de

Resumo em inglês Increased production of biomass is currently the only immediately accessible alternative for large-scale carbon sequestration and it can produce large amounts of food, fuel and raw materials for the chemical industry that can in turn growingly replace oil as a source of organic building blocks and also of hydrogen and sulfur. Development of processes for biomass and abundant minerals transformation into chemical raw materials should now benefit from large inputs from nano (mais) technologies, biotechnologies, information and micro-reactor technologies. Success in R&D&Innovation along this line can yield new products and processes needed to perform desirable functions within a sustainable development paradigm.

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