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         r centers
         r codes
         r exposure unit
         r factors
         r matrix
         r process
         r reactor
         r-1 reactor
         r-1650 resonances
         r-2 reactor
         r-2510 resonances
         r-3 adam reactor
         r-a reactor
         r-b reactor
         r-f mass spectrometers
         r2-0 reactor
         ra 333
         ra-0 reactor
         ra-1 reactor
         ra-2 reactor
         ra-3 reactor
         ra-4 reactor
         ra-5 reactor
         ra-6 reactor

         ra-8 reactor
         rabbit brush
         rabbit tubes
         racah coefficients
         racial groups
         racks fuel
         radial distribution
         radial inflow turbines
         radial profiles plasma
         radial velocity
         radiant cable heating
         radiant flux density
         radiant heat transfer
         radiant heaters
         radiant intensity
         radiation absorption analysis
         radiation accidents

         radiation attenuation testing
         radiation belts
         radiation buildup
         radiation burden
         radiation burns
         radiation chemistry
         radiation chimeras
         radiation curing
         radiation damage biological
         radiation damage chemical
         radiation damage physical
         radiation decontamination
         radiation detection
         radiation detection and range
         radiation detectors
         radiation dose distributions
         radiation dose units
         radiation dosemeters
         radiation doses
         radiation dosimetry
         radiation effects
         radiation equivalence
         radiation exposure doses
         radiation flux
         radiation hardening

         radiation hardening chemical
         radiation hazards
         radiation heating
         radiation hygiene
         radiation induced mutants
         radiation injuries
         radiation length
         radiation logging
         radiation monitoring
         radiation monitors
         radiation pressure
         radiation protection
         radiation protection guides
         radiation protection laws
         radiation quality
         radiation safety
         radiation scattering analysis
         radiation source implants
         radiation sources
         radiation streaming
         radiation syndrome
         radiation transport
         radiationless decay
         radiationless transitions

         radiative capture
         radiative cooling
         radiative corrections
         radiative decay
         radiative transfer
         radiator counters
         radio equipment
         radio equipment power supplies
         radio galaxies
         radio noise
         radio receivers
         radio telescopes
         radio transmitters
         radio-receptor assay
         radio-release analysis
         radioactive aerosols
         radioactive biological wastes
         radioactive clouds
         radioactive decontamination
         radioactive effluents
         radioactive gaseous wastes

         radioactive ion beams
         radioactive materials
         radioactive minerals
         radioactive particulates
         radioactive tracers
         radioactive waste disposal
         radioactive waste facilities
         radioactive waste management
         radioactive waste processing
         radioactive waste storage
         radioactive wastes
         radioactivity logging
         radioactivity transport
         radiobiological effects
         radiocarbon dating
         radiochemical activation analysis
         radiochemical analysis
         radiochemical laboratories

         radioecological concentration
         radioenzymatic assay
         radiofrequency systems
         radiography auto
         radiography biomedical
         radiography industrial
         radiography micro
         radioisotope batteries
         radioisotope generators
         radioisotope heat sources
         radioisotope kinetics
         radioisotope migration
         radioisotope scanners
         radioisotope scanning
         radioisotope-labelled drugs

         radiological personnel
         radiological protection
         radiometric analysis
         radiometric gages
         radiometric sorting
         radiometric surveys
         radiomimetic drugs
         radionuclide administration
         radionuclide concentration
         radionuclide distributions
         radionuclide kinetics
         radionuclide metabolism
         radionuclide migration
         radionuclide transfer in environment
         radionuclide transfer in organisms
         radionuclide turnover
         radiophotoluminescent dosemeters

         radioprotective substances
         radioreceptor assay
         radiosensitivity effects
         radiosterilization food
         radiowave radiation
         radium 201
         radium 202
         radium 203
         radium 204
         radium 205
         radium 206
         radium 207
         radium 208

         radium 209
         radium 210
         radium 211
         radium 212
         radium 213
         radium 214
         radium 215
         radium 216
         radium 217
         radium 218
         radium 219
         radium 220
         radium 221
         radium 222
         radium 223
         radium 224
         radium 225
         radium 226
         radium 226 target
         radium 227
         radium 228
         radium 229
         radium 230
         radium 231
         radium 232

         radium 233
         radium 234
         radium a
         radium b
         radium c
         radium carbonates
         radium chlorides
         radium complexes
         radium compounds
         radium d
         radium e
         radium f
         radium fluorides
         radium g
         radium halides
         radium ions
         radium isotopes
         radium oxides
         radium silicates
         radium sulfates
         radon 193
         radon 194
         radon 195
         radon 196

         radon 197
         radon 198
         radon 199
         radon 200
         radon 201
         radon 202
         radon 203
         radon 204
         radon 205
         radon 206
         radon 207
         radon 208
         radon 209
         radon 210
         radon 211
         radon 212
         radon 213
         radon 214
         radon 215
         radon 216
         radon 217
         radon 218
         radon 219
         radon 220
         radon 221

         radon 222
         radon 223
         radon 224
         radon 225
         radon 226
         radon 227
         radon 228
         radon 229
         radon compounds
         radon ions
         radon isotopes
         radon monitors
         radon oxides
         rail transport
         railroad cars
         rain water
         rajasthan-1 reactor
         rajasthan-2 reactor
         rajasthan-3 reactor
         rajasthan-4 reactor

         rajasthan-5 reactor
         rajasthan-6 reactor
         rake-2 reactor
         raman effect
         raman spectra
         raman spectroscopy
         ramjet engines
         ramsauer effect
         ramsauer-townsend effect
         rana reactor
         rance power plant
         rancho seco-1 reactor
         rancho seco-2 reactor
         random number generators
         random phase approximation
         range finders
         ranger deposit
         ranger project
         rankine cycle
         rankine cycle engines
         rankine cycle power systems

         rankine-hugoniot equations
         rapid transit systems
         raps-1 reactor
         raps-2 reactor
         rapsodie reactor
         rare earth additions
         rare earth alloys
         rare earth complexes
         rare earth compounds
         rare earth elements
         rare earth isotopes
         rare earth nuclei
         rare earths
         rare gas compounds
         rare gases
         rarefied gases
         rarotonga treaty
         raschig rings
         rat kangaroos

         rate structure
         rational surfaces
         raw materials
         rayleigh number
         rayleigh scattering
         rayleigh waves
         rayleigh-ritz method
         rayleigh-taylor instability
         rb-1 reactor
         rb-2 reactor
         rb-3 reactor
         rbmk type reactors
         rbmk-1000 reactor
         rbmk-1500 reactor
         rc-1 reactor
         rcic systems
         rcnp cyclotron

         reaction heat
         reaction intermediates
         reaction kinetics
         reaction mechanisms
         reaction product transport
         reaction product transport systems
         reaction rate
         reactivity chemical
         reactivity coefficients
         reactivity insertions
         reactivity meters
         reactivity units
         reactivity worths
         reactor accident simulation
         reactor accidents
         reactor cells
         reactor channels
         reactor charging machines
         reactor chemistry
         reactor commissioning
         reactor components
         reactor control rods
         reactor control systems

         reactor control theory
         reactor cooling systems
         reactor cooling systems fusion
         reactor core disruption
         reactor core isolation cooling
         reactor core restraints
         reactor cores
         reactor decommissioning
         reactor dismantling
         reactor experimental facilities
         reactor fuel elements
         reactor fueling
         reactor fueling fusion reactors
         reactor fuels
         reactor fuels fission
         reactor fuels fusion
         reactor instrumentation
         reactor internals
         reactor kinetics
         reactor kinetics equations
         reactor lattice parameters
         reactor lattice pitch
         reactor lattices
         reactor licensing
         reactor maintenance

         reactor materials
         reactor materials fusion reactors
         reactor monitoring systems
         reactor noise
         reactor operation
         reactor operators
         reactor oscillators
         reactor period
         reactor physics
         reactor poison removal
         reactor protection systems
         reactor safety
         reactor safety experiments
         reactor shutdown
         reactor simulators
         reactor sites
         reactor siting
         reactor stability
         reactor start-up
         reactor technology
         reactor thermal columns
         reactor vessels
         readout systems

         real time systems
         receivers solar
         recessive mutations
         reciprocal translocations
         reciprocal v law
         recoil chemistry
         recoil distance method
         recoilless fraction
         recombinant dna
         recombination genetic
         recorded information
         recording systems
         records management
         records retrieval
         recovery biological

         recovery tritium
         recreational areas
         recreational vehicles
         rectal administration
         rectangular configuration
         rectifier tubes
         rectisol process
         recurrence relations
         recursion relations
         recycle nuclear fuel
         recycling nuclear fuel
         red dwarf stars
         red giant stars
         red level-3 reactor
         red level-4 reactor
         red peppers
         red sea
         red shift
         redox flow batteries
         redox fuel cells

         redox potential
         redox process
         redox reactions
         reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide
         reducing agents
         reductive extraction
         reductive perturbation method
         reentry vehicles
         reference man
         reference materials bio mark
         reference materials standard
         refinement grain
         refinery gases
         reflectance spectral
         reflective coatings
         reflectors neutron

         reflex switches
         reformer processes
         refractive index
         refractory alloys
         refractory metal compounds
         refractory metals
         refrigerating machinery
         refueling water systems
         refuse derived fuels
         refuse-fueled power plants
         regenerating liver
         regeneration biological
         regenerative braking
         regenerative fuel cells

         region i
         region ii
         region iii
         region iv
         region ix
         region v
         region vi
         region vii
         region viii
         region x
         regional analysis
         regional cooperation
         regression analysis
         regulating rods
         regulators voltage
         regulatory guides
         reid potential
         reinforced concrete
         reinforced materials
         reinforced plastics

         reinluft process
         relative biological effectiveness
         relativistic beam injection
         relativistic plasma
         relativistic range
         relativity theory
         relaxation losses
         relaxation stress
         relaxation time
         release fission product
         release limits
         releasing factors
         releasing hormones
         relic radiation
         relict radiation
         relief valves
         relieving stress
         remedial action
         remote areas
         remote control
         remote handling

         remote handling equipment
         remote multiplexing systems
         remote sensing
         remote viewing equipment
         removal after-heat
         removal reactor poison
         renal clearance
         rene 41
         rene 80
         rene 95
         renewable energy sources
         renewable resources
         repair biological
         repair pathways
         replica techniques
         reporting requirements
         reports required

         representations irreducible
         reproductive disorders
         republic of georgia
         republic of korea
         republic of seychelles
         republic of zaire
         required reports
         rescue operations
         research and test reactors
         research center nuclear physics cyclotron
         research licenses
         research programs
         research reactors
         reserve capacity
         reservoir engineering
         reservoir fluids
         reservoir gas saturation

         reservoir pressure
         reservoir rock
         reservoir temperature
         reservoirs water
         residence half-time
         residence time distribution
         residential buildings
         residential sector
         residual fuel oil
         residual fuels
         residual heat removal
         residual interactions
         residual oils
         residual petroleum
         residual power
         residual stresses
         residual-heat removal
         residues mathematical
         residues radioactive

         resistance heating
         resistance welding
         resistivity electric
         resistivity logging
         resistivity surveys
         resonance absorption
         resonance cavities
         resonance escape probability
         resonance fluorescence
         resonance integrals
         resonance ionization mass spectroscopy
         resonance neutrons
         resonance particles
         resonance scattering
         resonance states
         resonance test reactor savannah
         resonating-group method

         resource assessment
         resource conservation
         resource depletion
         resource development
         resource exploitation
         resource management
         resource potential
         resource recovery acts
         resource recovery facilities
         respirable dusts
         respiratory equipment
         respiratory system
         respiratory system diseases
         respiratory tract cells
         response functions
         response matrix method
         response modifying factors
         rest mass

         resuspension particles
         retail buyers
         retail prices
         retail sellers
         retention functions
         reticular cells
         reticuloendothelial system
         retinal pigment
         retinoic acid
         retreat mining
         retrieval systems
         reunion island
         reverse combustion
         reverse osmosis
         reverse-field pinch
         reversed shear

         reversed-field mirrors
         reversed-field pinch devices
         reversible turbines
         reynolds number
         rez lr-0 reactor
         rf systems
         rfq accelerators
         rfx device
         rg-1m reactor
         rhagoletis cerasi
         rhenium 159
         rhenium 160
         rhenium 161
         rhenium 162
         rhenium 163
         rhenium 164
         rhenium 165
         rhenium 166
         rhenium 167

         rhenium 168
         rhenium 169
         rhenium 170
         rhenium 171
         rhenium 172
         rhenium 173
         rhenium 174
         rhenium 175
         rhenium 176
         rhenium 177
         rhenium 178
         rhenium 179
         rhenium 180
         rhenium 181
         rhenium 182
         rhenium 183
         rhenium 184
         rhenium 185
         rhenium 186
         rhenium 187
         rhenium 188
         rhenium 189
         rhenium 190
         rhenium 191
         rhenium 192

         rhenium 193
         rhenium 194
         rhenium 195
         rhenium 196
         rhenium additions
         rhenium alloys
         rhenium base alloys
         rhenium carbonates
         rhenium complexes
         rhenium compounds
         rhenium halides
         rhenium hydrides
         rhenium ions
         rhenium isotopes
         rhenium ores
         rhenium oxides
         rhenium sulfides
         rhesus monkeys
         rheumatic diseases
         rheumatoid diseases
         rhic brookhaven
         rhine river

         rhode island
         rhodesia northern
         rhodesia southern
         rhodium 100
         rhodium 101
         rhodium 102
         rhodium 103
         rhodium 103 target
         rhodium 104
         rhodium 105
         rhodium 106
         rhodium 107
         rhodium 108
         rhodium 109
         rhodium 110
         rhodium 111
         rhodium 112
         rhodium 113
         rhodium 114

         rhodium 115
         rhodium 116
         rhodium 117
         rhodium 118
         rhodium 119
         rhodium 120
         rhodium 121
         rhodium 122
         rhodium 89
         rhodium 90
         rhodium 91
         rhodium 92
         rhodium 93
         rhodium 94
         rhodium 95
         rhodium 96
         rhodium 96 target
         rhodium 97
         rhodium 98
         rhodium 99
         rhodium additions
         rhodium alloys
         rhodium base alloys
         rhodium borides
         rhodium bromides

         rhodium chlorides
         rhodium complexes
         rhodium compounds
         rhodium fluorides
         rhodium hydrides
         rhodium hydroxides
         rhodium ions
         rhodium isotopes
         rhodium oxides
         rhodium selenides
         rhodium sulfides
         rhodium tellurides
         rhodizonic acid
         rhombohedral lattices
         rhone river
         rhr systems
         ria radioimmunoassay
         ria reactor accidents

         ribbon-to-ribbon method
         ribbon-to-sheet method
         ribonucleic acid
         ribosomal rna
         ribulose diphosphate carboxylase
         ric process
         riccati equation
         ricci tensor
         rice stem borers
         richardson equation
         richardson number
         richardson-dushman equation
         richland fftf reactor
         richland physical constants test reactor
         richland power-plutonium production reactor

         rickettsial diseases
         riehl-schon model
         riemann curvature tensor
         riemann function
         riemann geometry
         riemann manifolds
         riemann metric
         riemann sheet
         riemann space
         riemann sphere
         riemann surface
         riemann waves
         rift zones
         righi-leduc effect
         riken linac
         riken ssc
         riley-morgan process
         ring chromosomes
         ring currents
         ring lasers
         ring oven method

         ringhals-1 reactor
         ringhals-2 reactor
         ringhals-3 reactor
         ringhals-4 reactor
         rings storage
         rio declaration
         rio grande rift
         rio grande river
         rise time
         riser cracking
         risk analysis
         risk assessment
         risoe national laboratory
         ritchie-eldridge theory
         ritz method
         ritz variation method
         ritz-rayleigh method
         river bend-1 reactor
         river bend-2 reactor
         river deltas

         rkr method
         rna polymerases
         rna processing
         road oils
         road tests
         road transport
         roadways mines
         robinia pseudoacacia
         roche lobes
         rochelle salt
         rock beds
         rock bursts
         rock caverns
         rock drilling
         rock dusting
         rock falls

         rock intrusion
         rock mechanics
         rock salt
         rock springs sites
         rock-fluid interactions
         rocket engines
         rocking curve
         rockwell hardness
         rockwell international process
         rocky flats plant
         rocky flats plant nuclear safety facility
         rocky mountain overthrust belt
         rocky mountain region
         rocky mountains
         rod bundles
         rod drop accidents
         rod drop method
         rod ejection accidents
         rod pumps
         rods control
         rods fuel

         roentgen equivalent man
         roentgen exposure unit
         rogowski coil
         rokkasho reprocessing plant
         rokkasho uranium enrichment plant
         roll welding
         rolla research reactor
         roller bearings
         rolling friction
         romanian organizations
         romashka reactor
         rombach process
         roof bolts
         roof ponds
         room and pillar mining
         rooppur reactor
         root absorption
         rope process
         roper resonance

         rose bengal
         rose process
         rosenblum counters
         rosenfeld force
         rosenfeld mixture
         rospo reactor
         rosseland approximation
         rossendorf zfk
         rossi alpha method
         rotary drilling
         rotary drills
         rotary engines
         rotary separator turbines
         rotating crystal method
         rotating disk removal systems
         rotating generators
         rotating plasma
         rotation-vibration model
         rotational band
         rotational invariance
         rotational states
         rotational transform

         rotterdam spot market
         rough vacuum
         rous sarcoma virus
         rover reactors
         rowe yankee reactor
         roxby downs deposit
         royal jelly
         rp-10 reactor
         rpl dosemeters
         rpt reactor
         rtp reactor
         rtr method
         rtr reactor
         rts-1 reactor
         rubber industry
         rubber natural
         rubber trees

         rubella virus
         rubeola virus
         rubidium 100
         rubidium 101
         rubidium 102
         rubidium 103
         rubidium 71
         rubidium 72
         rubidium 73
         rubidium 74
         rubidium 75
         rubidium 76
         rubidium 77
         rubidium 78
         rubidium 79
         rubidium 80
         rubidium 81
         rubidium 82
         rubidium 83
         rubidium 84
         rubidium 84 target
         rubidium 85
         rubidium 85 target

         rubidium 86
         rubidium 87
         rubidium 87 target
         rubidium 88
         rubidium 88 target
         rubidium 89
         rubidium 90
         rubidium 91
         rubidium 92
         rubidium 93
         rubidium 94
         rubidium 95
         rubidium 96
         rubidium 97
         rubidium 98
         rubidium 99
         rubidium additions
         rubidium alloys
         rubidium base alloys
         rubidium carbonates
         rubidium chlorides
         rubidium complexes
         rubidium compounds
         rubidium fluorides
         rubidium hydrides

         rubidium iodides
         rubidium ions
         rubidium isotopes
         rubidium nitrates
         rubidium oxides
         rubidium perchlorates
         rubidium phosphates
         rubidium silicates
         rubidium sulfides
         rubidium tellurides
         rubidium tungstates
         rubidium uranates
         ruby lasers
         ruderman-kittel coupling
         rudstam formula
         rum jungle mine
         runaway electrons
         runaway reactor accident
         runge-kutta method

         rupture disks
         rural areas
         rural electrification administration
         rural energy centers
         rural populations
         russell-saunders coupling
         russian federation
         russian organizations
         russian thistle
         ruthenium 100
         ruthenium 100 target
         ruthenium 101
         ruthenium 101 target
         ruthenium 102
         ruthenium 102 target
         ruthenium 103
         ruthenium 103 target
         ruthenium 104
         ruthenium 104 reactions
         ruthenium 104 target
         ruthenium 105
         ruthenium 106
         ruthenium 107

         ruthenium 108
         ruthenium 109
         ruthenium 110
         ruthenium 111
         ruthenium 112
         ruthenium 113
         ruthenium 114
         ruthenium 115
         ruthenium 116
         ruthenium 117
         ruthenium 118
         ruthenium 119
         ruthenium 120
         ruthenium 87
         ruthenium 88
         ruthenium 89
         ruthenium 90
         ruthenium 91
         ruthenium 92
         ruthenium 93
         ruthenium 94
         ruthenium 95
         ruthenium 96
         ruthenium 96 target
         ruthenium 97

         ruthenium 98
         ruthenium 98 target
         ruthenium 99
         ruthenium 99 target
         ruthenium additions
         ruthenium alloys
         ruthenium base alloys
         ruthenium carbides
         ruthenium chlorides
         ruthenium complexes
         ruthenium compounds
         ruthenium fluorides
         ruthenium hydrides
         ruthenium hydroxides
         ruthenium ions
         ruthenium isotopes
         ruthenium nitrates
         ruthenium nitrides
         ruthenium oxides
         ruthenium phosphides
         ruthenium selenides
         ruthenium sulfates
         ruthenium sulfides
         rutherford backscattering spectrometry
         rutherford backscattering spectroscopy

         rutherfordium 261
         rutherfordium 263
         rutherfordium complexes
         rv-1 reactor
         rwe-bayernwerk reactor
         rwe-bayernwerk-a reactor
         rydberg constant
         rydberg correction
         rydberg equation
         rydberg states
         rydberg-klein-rees method