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         l capture
         l cells
         l codes
         l conversion
         l reactor
         l resonances
         l shell
         l waves
         l-1 stellarator
         l-2 stellarator
         l-54 reactor
         l-77 atomics international reactor
         l-77 nevada university reactor
         l-77 puerto rico reactor
         l-conversion coefficient
         l-mode plasma confinement
         l-s coupling
         la salle county-1 reactor
         la salle county-2 reactor
         labelled compounds
         labelled pool techniques
         labelling packages

         labor relations
         laboratory animals
         laboratory buildings
         laboratory equipment
         laboratory scale experiments
         laboratory system
         lacrimal ducts
         lactate dehydrogenase
         lactic acid
         ladder approximation
         lago maggiore
         lagrange equations
         lagrange field equations

         lagrangian field theory
         lagrangian function
         laguerre polynomials
         lake baikal
         lake balaton
         lake erie
         lake huron
         lake michigan
         lake ontario
         lake superior
         lamb shift
         lamb-rutherford shift
         lambda 2282 resonances
         lambda c plus
         lambda neutral
         lambda particle beams
         lambda particles
         lambda point
         lambert law
         laminar flames

         laminar flow
         lampf ii synchrotron
         lampf linac
         lampre-1 reactor
         lampre-2 reactor
         land application
         land fills
         land leasing
         land ownership
         land pollution
         land pollution abatement
         land pollution control
         land reclamation
         land requirements
         land resources
         land transport
         land use
         landau absorption
         landau curves
         landau damping
         landau distribution
         landau domain structure

         landau fluctuations
         landau liquid helium theory
         landau quasi particles
         landau-ginzburg-pitaevskii theory
         lande factor
         lande g factor
         lande interval factor
         lande splitting factor
         landfill gas
         landsat satellites
         lane-robson theory
         langevin equation
         langmuir frequency
         langmuir oscillations
         langmuir probe
         languages programming

         lanthanum 117
         lanthanum 118
         lanthanum 119
         lanthanum 120
         lanthanum 121
         lanthanum 122
         lanthanum 123
         lanthanum 124
         lanthanum 125
         lanthanum 126
         lanthanum 127
         lanthanum 128
         lanthanum 129
         lanthanum 130
         lanthanum 131
         lanthanum 132
         lanthanum 133
         lanthanum 134
         lanthanum 135
         lanthanum 136
         lanthanum 137
         lanthanum 138
         lanthanum 139
         lanthanum 139 beams
         lanthanum 139 target

         lanthanum 140
         lanthanum 141
         lanthanum 142
         lanthanum 143
         lanthanum 144
         lanthanum 145
         lanthanum 146
         lanthanum 147
         lanthanum 148
         lanthanum 149
         lanthanum 150
         lanthanum 151
         lanthanum 152
         lanthanum 153
         lanthanum 154
         lanthanum 155
         lanthanum additions
         lanthanum alloys
         lanthanum base alloys
         lanthanum borides
         lanthanum carbides
         lanthanum carbonates
         lanthanum chlorides
         lanthanum chromites
         lanthanum complexes

         lanthanum compounds
         lanthanum fluorides
         lanthanum hydrides
         lanthanum hydroxides
         lanthanum ions
         lanthanum isotopes
         lanthanum nitrates
         lanthanum nitrides
         lanthanum oxides
         lanthanum perchlorates
         lanthanum phosphates
         lanthanum selenides
         lanthanum silicates
         lanthanum sulfates
         lanthanum sulfides
         lap welds
         laplace equation
         laplace operator
         laplace transformation
         large coil program
         large intestine

         large-eddy simulation
         larmor electrons
         larmor nuclear precession
         larmor precession
         larmor radius
         larval stage
         laser beam machining
         laser cavities
         laser doppler anemometers
         laser drilling
         laser fusion reactors
         laser guidance
         laser implosions
         laser isotope separation
         laser materials
         laser mirrors
         laser power transmission
         laser pumping
         laser radiation
         laser spectroscopy
         laser targets
         laser weapons

         laser welding
         laser-produced plasma
         laser-radiation heating
         lasl critical assembly
         lass growth method
         late radiation effects
         latency period
         latent heat of fusion
         latent heat of sublimation
         latent heat of transition
         latent heat of vaporization
         latent heat storage
         latent images
         latin america
         latin american energy organization
         latina reactor
         latitude effect
         lattice defects
         lattice field theory
         lattice parameters
         lattice vibrations

         lattices crystal
         lattices reactor
         laue method
         laue-bragg scattering
         lauric acid
         lauryl radicals
         lav virus
         laves phases
         lawrence berkeley laboratory
         lawrence livermore laboratory
         lawrence livermore national laboratory
         lawson criterion
         lax theorem

         lcao calculations
         lcao method
         lcao mo calculations
         lcao scf treatment
         lcao theory
         ld 50
         lead 178
         lead 179
         lead 180
         lead 181
         lead 182
         lead 183
         lead 184
         lead 185
         lead 186
         lead 187
         lead 188
         lead 189
         lead 190
         lead 191

         lead 192
         lead 193
         lead 194
         lead 195
         lead 196
         lead 197
         lead 198
         lead 199
         lead 200
         lead 200 target
         lead 201
         lead 202
         lead 202 target
         lead 203
         lead 204
         lead 204 target
         lead 205
         lead 205 target
         lead 206
         lead 206 reactions
         lead 206 target
         lead 207
         lead 207 target
         lead 208
         lead 208 beams

         lead 208 reactions
         lead 208 target
         lead 209
         lead 209 target
         lead 210
         lead 210 target
         lead 211
         lead 212
         lead 213
         lead 214
         lead 215
         lead 216
         lead additions
         lead alloys
         lead base alloys
         lead bromides
         lead carbides
         lead carbonates
         lead chlorides
         lead complexes
         lead compounds
         lead fluorides
         lead halides
         lead hydrides
         lead hydroxides

         lead iodides
         lead ions
         lead isotopes
         lead method
         lead minerals
         lead nitrates
         lead nitrides
         lead ores
         lead oxides
         lead perchlorates
         lead phosphates
         lead selenides
         lead silicates
         lead sulfates
         lead sulfides
         lead tellurides
         lead tungstates
         lead zirconate titanate
         lead-acid batteries
         lead-free gasoline
         leading abstract
         leading particles
         leak detectors
         leak testing

         leakage current
         leakage neutron
         least square fit
         lebedev synchrotron
         led light emitting diodes
         lee model
         lee-yang theory
         legal aspects
         legal incentives
         legendre polynomials
         legionella anisa
         legionella pneumophila

         legislative programs
         legislative text
         leibstadt reactor
         leipzig zfi
         leisure time activities
         lending institutions
         lenin nuclear ship
         lenin reactor
         leningrad institute of nuclear physics
         leningrad-1 reactor
         leningrad-2 reactor
         leningrad-3 reactor
         leningrad-4 reactor
         lennard-jones potential
         lens crystalline
         lep storage rings
         lepton number

         lepton-hadron interactions
         lepton-lepton interactions
         lepton-meson interactions
         lepton-neutron interactions
         lepton-nucleon interactions
         lepton-proton interactions
         lesser antilles
         lethal doses
         lethal genes
         lethal irradiation
         lethal mutations
         lethal radiation dose
         leukemia viruses

         level density
         level indicators
         level mixing resonance
         level schemes
         level widths
         levinger method
         levinger-bethe theory
         levinson theorem
         levitated trains
         levitron devices
         levulinic acid
         levy potential
         levy-klein potential
         lewis acids
         lewis bases
         lewis effect
         lewis number
         lewis peak
         lewis river

         leyden event
         lfr reactor
         lh luteinizing hormone
         lhd device
         lhr heating
         li-drifted detectors
         li-drifted ge detectors
         li-drifted si detectors
         liability exclusions
         liability limitations
         liapunov method
         libyan arab jamahiriya
         license applications
         licensing procedures
         licensing regulations
         lichtenberg alloy
         lichtenberg figures

         lichtenberg process
         lido reactor
         lie groups
         lie superalgebra
         life cycle
         life cycle assessment
         life service
         life shortening
         life span
         life styles
         life support systems
         life-cycle cost
         lifetime extension
         lift cycles
         ligand exchange
         light bulbs
         light cone

         light emitting diodes
         light guides
         light ions
         light nuclei
         light pipes
         light scattering
         light sources
         light transmission
         light water cooled reactors
         light water moderated reactors
         light zodiacal
         lighter-than-air craft
         lighting loads
         lighting requirements
         lighting systems
         lightning arresters
         lime-limestone wet scrubbing processes
         lime-soda sinter process

         limerick-1 reactor
         limerick-2 reactor
         limit cycle
         limitations liability
         limiter circuits
         limiting fragmentation
         limiting values
         line broadening
         line defects
         line losses
         line narrowing
         line widths
         linear absorption models
         linear accelerators
         linear colliders
         linear combination of atomic orbitals
         linear energy transfer

         linear hard core pinch devices
         linear momentum
         linear momentum operators
         linear momentum resolution
         linear momentum transfer
         linear pinch devices
         linear programming
         linear screw pinch devices
         linear theta pinch devices
         linear z pinch devices
         lingen reactor
         lining processes
         linoleic acid
         linolenic acid
         linseed oil
         linseed plants
         liouville equation
         liouville theorem
         lipoic acid alpha

         lippmann-schwinger equation
         liquefied gases
         liquefied natural gas
         liquefied petroleum gases
         liquid asphalt
         liquid column chromatography
         liquid contamination monitors
         liquid crystals
         liquid drop model
         liquid effluents
         liquid flow
         liquid fuels
         liquid holding recovery
         liquid homogeneous reactors
         liquid ion exchangers
         liquid ionization chambers
         liquid lasers

         liquid magnets
         liquid metal coolant
         liquid metal cooled reactors
         liquid metal fuels
         liquid metal test facilities
         liquid metal-water reactions
         liquid metals
         liquid penetrant inspection
         liquid phase epitaxy
         liquid phase methanation process
         liquid phase methanol process
         liquid proportional counters
         liquid scintillation detectors
         liquid scintillators
         liquid sodium-water reactions
         liquid wastes
         liquid-liquid extraction
         liquid-metal mhd generators
         liquid-phase sintering
         lithium 10
         lithium 11
         lithium 11 reactions

         lithium 11 target
         lithium 12
         lithium 13
         lithium 3
         lithium 4
         lithium 5
         lithium 6
         lithium 6 beams
         lithium 6 reactions
         lithium 6 target
         lithium 7
         lithium 7 beams
         lithium 7 reactions
         lithium 7 target
         lithium 8
         lithium 8 reactions
         lithium 8 target
         lithium 9
         lithium 9 reactions
         lithium 9 target
         lithium additions
         lithium alloys
         lithium base alloys
         lithium borides
         lithium bromides

         lithium carbides
         lithium carbonates
         lithium chlorides
         lithium complexes
         lithium compounds
         lithium cooled reactor experiment
         lithium cooled reactors
         lithium fluorides
         lithium halides
         lithium hydrides
         lithium hydroxides
         lithium iodides
         lithium ions
         lithium isotopes
         lithium nitrates
         lithium nitrides
         lithium oxides
         lithium perchlorates
         lithium phosphates
         lithium selenides
         lithium silicates
         lithium silicides
         lithium sulfates
         lithium sulfides
         lithium titanates

         lithium tungstates
         lithium-polymer batteries
         lithium-sulfur batteries
         lithium-water-air batteries
         litr reactor
         litter size
         little boy
         little ice age
         little tennessee river
         live time
         liver cells
         liver cirrhosis
         living standards
         ljungstrom process
         llnl advanced test accelerator

         lm devices
         lmfbr type reactors
         lng industry
         lng plants
         load analysis
         load characteristics
         load collector ratio
         load dynamic
         load management
         loading fission reactor
         loading rate
         loads dynamic
         loads power demand
         loads static
         loads stresses
         loan guarantees
         lobachevsky geometry
         lobachevsky space
         lobachevsky-bolyai geometry

         local area networks
         local boiling
         local fallout
         local galaxy
         local government
         local group
         local irradiation
         local radiation effects
         local thermodynamic equilibrium
         localization biological
         lock-in amplifiers
         locks security
         locust trees
         loft reactor
         logging while drilling
         logic circuits
         logic mathematics
         london convention for prevention of marine pollution
         london equation
         long counters

         long island sound
         long shot event
         long term intake
         long term irradiation
         long valley
         long wave radiation
         long-lens spectrometers
         long-range interactions
         long-range transport
         longitudinal momentum
         longitudinal pinch
         longitudinal pinch devices linear
         longwall mining
         loops coolant
         lorentz groups
         lorentz invariance
         lorentz plasma
         lorentz poles
         lorentz transformations
         los alamos
         los alamos meson physics facility
         los alamos molten plutonium reactor experiment
         los alamos national laboratory
         los alamos scientific laboratory
         los alamos water boiler reactor

         los angeles
         loss cone
         loss cone instability
         loss of coolant
         loss of flow
         loss of fluid test reactor
         lost circulation
         lotus facility
         love waves
         lovelace biomedical and environmental research institute
         loviisa reactor
         loviisa-1 reactor
         loviisa-2 reactor
         low alloy steels
         low btu gas
         low carbon-high alloy steels
         low dose irradiation
         low energy electron diffraction
         low equation
         low flux reactor petten
         low frequency radiation
         low income groups

         low intensity test reactor
         low level counters
         low level counting
         low power reactor assembly
         low pressure
         low pressure coolant injection
         low temperature
         low-angle silicon-sheet growth method
         low-beta plasma
         low-emission vehicles
         low-energy buildings
         low-energy theorem
         low-level radioactive wastes
         lowell technical institute reactor
         lower hybrid current drive
         lower hybrid heating
         lower hybrid resonance heating
         lpg industry
         lpr reactor
         lr-0 reactor
         lsz theory
         lt-3 tokamak
         lt-4 tokamak

         lubricating oils
         lubricating properties
         lucas process
         lucens reactor
         lucie-1 reactor
         lucie-2 reactor
         lugol solution
         lumber industry
         luminescent chambers
         luminescent concentrators
         luminescent dosemeters
         luminous flux density
         luminous paints

         lunar atmosphere
         lunar materials
         lunar occultation
         lung cells
         lung clearance
         lurgi process
         lurgi-ruhrgas process
         luteinizing hormone
         luteotropic hormone
         lutetium 150
         lutetium 151
         lutetium 152
         lutetium 153
         lutetium 154
         lutetium 155
         lutetium 156
         lutetium 157
         lutetium 158
         lutetium 159
         lutetium 160
         lutetium 161
         lutetium 162

         lutetium 163
         lutetium 164
         lutetium 165
         lutetium 166
         lutetium 167
         lutetium 168
         lutetium 169
         lutetium 170
         lutetium 171
         lutetium 172
         lutetium 173
         lutetium 174
         lutetium 174 target
         lutetium 175
         lutetium 175 target
         lutetium 176
         lutetium 176 target
         lutetium 177
         lutetium 178
         lutetium 179
         lutetium 180
         lutetium 181
         lutetium 182
         lutetium 183
         lutetium 184

         lutetium 187
         lutetium additions
         lutetium alloys
         lutetium complexes
         lutetium compounds
         lutetium ions
         lutetium isotopes
         lutetium oxides
         lutetium silicates
         lvr-15 reactor
         lwbr type reactors
         lwgr type reactors
         lwr type reactors
         lyapunov method
         lyman alpha emission
         lyman alpha radiation
         lyman continuum
         lyman lines
         lyman series
         lymantria dispar
         lymph nodes
         lymph vessels

         lymphatic system
         lymphoid cells
         lysergic acid
         lysholm engine