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         j codes
         j-3105 resonances
         j-j coupling
         jackson model
         jacobian function
         jaeri experimental fusion reactor
         jaeri fusion torus-2a
         jaeri linac
         jaeri tandem accelerator
         jahn-teller effect
         james river
         janus reactor
         japan atomic energy agency
         japan atomic energy research institute
         japan atr fugen
         japan fast experimental breeder reactor
         japan htr
         japan institute plasma physics stellarator

         japan materials testing reactor
         japan nuclear cycle development institute
         japan nuclear energy safety organization
         japan nuclear ship development agency
         japan power demonstration reactor
         japan power demonstration reactor-2
         japan proton accelerator research complex
         japan prototype fast reactor
         japan research reactor-1
         japan research reactor-2
         japan research reactor-3
         japan research reactor-4
         japan ship reactor mutsu
         japanese organizations
         japco-1 reactor
         japco-2 reactor
         japco-3 reactor
         japco-4 reactor
         jason reactor
         jastrow theory
         jatr reactor
         java island

         jeep-2 reactor
         jefferson laboratory
         jen reactor
         jen-1 reactor
         jen-2 reactor
         jensen sarcoma
         jerusalem artichokes
         jesse effect
         jet drills
         jet engine fuels
         jet model
         jet reactors
         jet tokamak
         jezebel reactor
         jfer reactor
         jft-2 tokamak
         jft-2a tokamak
         jft-2m tokamak
         jhr reactor
         jipp stellarator

         jippt-2 device
         jmtr reactor
         job training
         joint committee on atomic energy
         joint establishment experimental pile-2
         joint institute for nuclear research
         joint liability
         joint ventures
         joints anatomy
         jones reductor
         jose cabrera reactor
         josephson effect
         josephson junctions
         jost function
         joule heating
         joule-thomson effect
         journal bearings
         joyo reactor
         jpdr reactor

         jpdr-2 reactor
         jpl process
         jrr-1 reactor
         jrr-2 reactor
         jrr-3 reactor
         jrr-3m reactor
         jrr-4 reactor
         jt-60 reactors
         jt-60 tokamak
         jt-60-su tokamak
         jt-60u tokamak
         junction detectors
         junction diodes
         junction transistors
         juno reactor
         jupiter planet
         jurassic period
         justice department
         jxfr reactor

         jxfr tokamak