Many of the entries listed in our index of topical pages are scientific acronyms or terms, for example gene sequences or chemical formulas.
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         d* plus resonances
         d* zero resonances
         d codes
         d mesons
         d quarks
         d region
         d s mesons
         d states
         d waves
         d-d reactors
         d-he reactors
         d-t operation
         d-t reactors
         dacus oleae
         daily variations
         dairy industry
         damage factor
         damage nuclear

         damage radiation biological
         damage radiation chemical
         damage radiation physical
         damage ratio
         damage vienna convention on liability
         damage zone
         dampers gas flow
         dancoff correction
         danger coefficient
         danish atomic energy commission
         danish organizations
         danish reactor-1
         danish reactor-2
         danish reactor-3
         danube river
         dapex process
         darcy law
         daresbury synchrotron
         darex process
         dark matter
         dark repair

         darlington site
         darlington-1 reactor
         darlington-2 reactor
         darlington-3 reactor
         darlington-4 reactor
         darmstadt storage ring
         darmstadtium 271
         darrieus rotors
         data acquisition
         data acquisition systems
         data analysis
         data base management
         data compilation
         data compilation evaluated
         data covariances
         data display devices
         data display systems
         data forms
         data processing
         data processors
         data storage devices
         data tagging
         data transmission

         data transmission systems
         data validation
         data-flow processing
         datum pressure
         daughter products
         davis besse reactor
         davis besse-1 reactor
         davis besse-2 reactor
         davis besse-3 reactor
         davy s-h process
         davydov model
         days living radioisotopes
         dc amplifiers
         dc resins
         dc systems
         dc to ac inverters
         dc to dc converters
         dca reactor

         dcx devices
         de broglie wavelength
         de haas-van alphen effect
         de sitter group
         de sitter space
         dead sea
         dead time
         debris nuclear
         debt collection
         debye cutoff
         debye length
         debye shield

         debye shielding length
         debye temperature
         debye-scherrer method
         debye-waller factor
         dec computers
         deca devices
         decanoic acid
         decay amplitudes
         decay biological
         decay heat
         decay heat removal
         decay instability
         decay products

         deciduous trees
         decimeter wave radiation 1-3 dm
         decision making
         decision tree analysis
         decisions and orders
         deck effect
         decontamination factor
         decyl alcohols
         deep inelastic heavy ion reactions
         deep inelastic scattering
         deep inelastic transfer reactions
         deep level transient spectroscopy
         deep river
         deep water oil terminals

         defense production act
         deficiency nutritional
         deformed nuclei
         degradation chemical
         degradation energy
         degradation nuclear
         degradation thermal
         degree days
         degrees of freedom

         delaware bay
         delaware river
         delay circuits
         delayed alpha particles
         delayed gamma radiation
         delayed neutron analysis
         delayed neutron fraction
         delayed neutron precursors
         delayed neutrons
         delayed protons
         delayed radiation effects
         delayed radiation injuries
         deletions chromosomal
         deloro stellite 6
         delphi method

         delta function
         delta rays
         delta-1960 resonances
         demagnetization adiabatic
         demand factors
         demand limiters
         dember effect
         democratic republic of the congo
         demonstration plants
         demonstration programs
         denaturation nucleic acid
         denaturation protein
         denatured fuel
         dendritic web growth method

         density carrier
         density charge
         density current
         density electron
         density energy
         density energy-level
         density flux
         density functional method
         density grain
         density ion
         density log
         density matrix
         density neutron
         density plasma
         density population
         density power
         density proton
         density spectral
         denting corrosion

         deoxycytidylic acid
         deoxypentose nucleic acid
         deoxyribonucleic acid
         department of defense
         department of interior
         department of transportation
         departure nucleate boiling
         depleted uranium
         depletion isotopic
         depletion layer
         depletion nuclear fuels
         deposition gravitational
         deposits geological

         depressants central nervous system
         depressurization systems
         depth 1-3 km
         depth 3-6 km
         depth 6-9 km
         depth 9-12 km
         depth distribution
         depth dose distributions
         depth doses
         desalination plants
         desalination reactors
         design basis accidents
         design reports
         design technical drawings
         design technical specifications

         desoxycorticosterone acetate
         desoxyribonucleic acid
         destructive chemical analysis
         destructive distillation
         destructive testing
         detailed balance principle
         detection failed element
         detection limits
         detection nuclear explosions
         detection radiation
         detection seismic
         detectors radiation
         determination chemical
         deterministic estimation
         deterministic safety assessment
         detonation limits
         detonation waves

         detroit river
         deuterium compounds
         deuterium hydride
         deuterium ions
         deuterium oxide
         deuterium target
         deuterium-lithium high flux neutron source facility
         deuteron beams
         deuteron probes
         deuteron reactions
         deuteron spectra
         deuteron target
         deuteron-deuteron interactions
         developed countries
         developing countries

         devonian period
         dew point
         dewar flasks
         dewatering equipment
         dfr reactor
         dfr-350 reactor
         di-2-ethylhexylphosphoric acid
         di-2-propyl ether
         diabetes mellitus
         diablo canyon-1 reactor
         diablo canyon-2 reactor
         diagnostic techniques
         diagnostic uses

         diagnostics fusion
         diamex process
         diaminocyclohexanetetraacetic acid
         diamond counters
         diamond drilling equipment
         diamox process
         diatomaceous earth
         diazo compounds
         dibutyl ether
         dibutyl phosphate

         dicarboxylic acids
         dicentric chromosomes
         dido reactor
         diel variations
         dielectric amplifiers
         dielectric constant
         dielectric materials
         dielectric properties
         dielectric tensor
         dielectric track detectors
         diels-alder reaction

         diesel engines
         diesel fuels
         diesel motors
         diesel oil fraction
         diethyl ether
         diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid
         differential calculus
         differential cross sections
         differential equations
         differential geometry
         differential pac
         differential thermal analysis
         differential topology
         diffraction models
         diffraction neutron
         diffraction production
         diffraction x-ray
         diffractive dissociation
         diffuse scattering
         diffuse solar radiation

         diffusion area
         diffusion barriers
         diffusion chambers
         diffusion coating
         diffusion coatings
         diffusion equations
         diffusion length
         diffusion welding
         digallic acid
         digester gas
         digestive system
         digestive system diseases
         digital circuits
         digital computers
         digital filters
         digital frequency analysis
         digital systems
         digital-to-analog converters
         digitalis glycosides

         dihydroxypropionic acid
         diisopropyl ether
         dilute alloys
         dimensional compactification
         dimensionless numbers
         dimethyl ether
         dimethyl ketone
         dimethyl sulfide
         dimethyl sulfoxide

         dimethylpropane 2,2-
         dimethylpropionic acid
         dimple reactor
         dining halls
         diode transistors
         diode tubes
         diode-pumped solid state lasers
         diodes semiconductor
         dip coating
         dip logging
         diphenyl ketone

         diphenylethane 1,2-
         diphenylglycolic acid
         diphenylphosphine oxide
         diplococcus pneumoniae
         dipole moments
         dipped coatings
         dirac approximation
         dirac cosmology
         dirac delta function
         dirac equation
         dirac form factors
         dirac matrices
         dirac monopoles
         dirac operators
         direct contact heat exchangers
         direct current
         direct cycle cooling systems

         direct drive icf
         direct drive laser implosion
         direct energy conversion
         direct energy converters
         direct ethanol fuel cells
         direct gain systems
         direct injection engines
         direct methanol fuel cells
         direct reactions
         direct solar radiation
         directed-energy weapons
         directional correlation
         directional drilling
         directional radiation detectors
         dirichlet problem
         disadvantage factor
         disaster exceptional natural
         discharge canals

         discharge quenching
         discharges electric
         discharges ionization
         discharges wastes
         discount rate
         discrete ordinate method
         discrete ordinates
         disease free period
         disease incidence
         disease resistance
         disease vectors
         disintegration biological
         disintegration chemical
         disintegration fission
         disintegration nuclear
         disk mhd generators
         disks accretion
         disks intervertebral
         disks magnetic

         dislocation pinning
         dismantlement nuclear weapons
         dismantling fission reactor
         dismantling fuel assembly
         dismantling reactor
         dispersal insect
         dispersants chemical
         disperse systems
         dispersed storage and generation
         dispersion hardening
         dispersion nuclear fuels
         dispersion relations
         dispersion theory
         dispersive ion waves
         displacement fluids
         displacement gages
         displacement rates
         displacement ventilation
         displacements atomic
         displacements seismic
         display devices
         disposable income
         disposal wastes

         disposal wells
         dispute settlements
         dissipation factor
         dissociating gases
         dissociation energy
         dissociation heat
         dissolved gases
         dissolved materials
         dissolved oxygen
         dissolved solids
         distillate fuel
         distillate fuel oil
         distillation equipment
         distillers dried grains
         distorted wave born approximation
         distorted wave theory
         distributed collector power plants
         distributed data processing

         distributed structures
         distribution constants
         distribution factor rad doses
         distribution functions
         district cooling
         district heating
         district of columbia
         dite tokamak
         diurnal variation
         diva tokamak
         divergences infrared
         diving operations

         dmtr reactor
         dna adducts
         dna base transitions
         dna damages
         dna helicases
         dna hybridization
         dna mismatch
         dna polymerases
         dna repair
         dna replication
         dna sequencers
         dna sequencing
         dnepr river
         document destruction
         document retrieval
         document types

         dodecanoic acid
         dodecyl radicals
         dodewaard reactor
         doel-1 reactor
         doel-2 reactor
         doel-3 reactor
         doel-4 reactor
         dolomite rock
         domain structure
         domed structures
         domes structures
         domestic animals
         domestic safeguards
         domestic supplies
         domestic wastes
         dominant mutations
         dominic project
         dominican republic
         donald c cook-1 reactor
         donald c cook-2 reactor

         donnan theory
         doped materials
         doping crystal
         doppler broadening
         doppler coefficient
         doppler effect
         doppler shift attenuation method
         doris storage ring
         dose distributions
         dose equivalents
         dose fractionation
         dose limits
         dose rates
         dose reduction factor
         dose relative factor
         dose-response relationships
         doses lethal
         doses radiation

         double beta decay
         double bonds
         double focusing spectrometers
         double glazing
         double labelling
         double resonance methods
         double shell houses
         double wall houses
         doublet reactors
         doublet-2 device
         doublet-3 device
         douglas point ontario reactor
         douglas point power station
         douglas point site
         douglas point-1 reactor
         douglas point-2 reactor
         dounreay fast reactor
         dounreay materials testing reactor
         dounreay prototype fast reactor
         dowa process
         downhole information systems
         downs syndrome

         dr-1 reactor
         dr-2 reactor
         dr-3 reactor
         draft control systems
         drag coefficient
         drag effect
         dragon reactor
         drain-down systems
         drainage areas
         drainage systems
         dredge spoil

         drell model
         dresden-1 reactor
         dresden-2 reactor
         dresden-3 reactor
         drift chambers
         drift electron
         drift instability
         drift ion
         drift plasma
         drift pumping
         drift tubes
         drill bits
         drill cores
         drill holes
         drill pipes
         drill ships
         drill stem testing
         drilling equipment
         drilling fluids
         drilling materials
         drilling mud
         drilling platforms
         drilling rigs

         drilling risers
         drilling rock
         drinking water
         droplet model
         dropwise condensation
         drought resistance
         drug abuse
         drum walls
         dry ashing
         dry deposition
         dry holes
         dry scrubbers
         dry storage
         dry-steam systems
         dry-type cooling towers
         dsa method

         dual absorption model
         dual cycle cooling systems
         dual energy use systems
         dual resonance model
         dual temperature process
         dual-fuel engines
         dual-isotope subtraction technique
         dual-purpose power plants
         dubna ibr-2 reactor
         dubna jinr
         dubnium 262
         dubnium isotopes
         ductile-brittle transitions
         ducts tear
         dungeness-a reactor
         dungeness-b reactor

         dust collectors
         dust cooled reactors
         dwarf stars
         dye lasers
         dymac system
         dynamic function studies
         dynamic loads
         dynamic mass spectrometers
         dynamic materials accountability system
         dynamic programming
         dynamic studies biological
         dynamical groups
         dynamics beam

         dyson representation
         dysprosium 138
         dysprosium 139
         dysprosium 140
         dysprosium 141
         dysprosium 142
         dysprosium 143
         dysprosium 144
         dysprosium 145
         dysprosium 146
         dysprosium 147
         dysprosium 148
         dysprosium 149
         dysprosium 150
         dysprosium 151
         dysprosium 152
         dysprosium 153
         dysprosium 154
         dysprosium 154 target
         dysprosium 155
         dysprosium 156

         dysprosium 156 target
         dysprosium 157
         dysprosium 158
         dysprosium 158 target
         dysprosium 159
         dysprosium 160
         dysprosium 160 target
         dysprosium 161
         dysprosium 161 reactions
         dysprosium 161 target
         dysprosium 162
         dysprosium 162 target
         dysprosium 163
         dysprosium 163 target
         dysprosium 164
         dysprosium 164 target
         dysprosium 165
         dysprosium 165 target
         dysprosium 166
         dysprosium 167
         dysprosium 168
         dysprosium 169
         dysprosium 170
         dysprosium 171
         dysprosium 172

         dysprosium 173
         dysprosium alloys
         dysprosium chlorides
         dysprosium complexes
         dysprosium compounds
         dysprosium hydroxides
         dysprosium ions
         dysprosium isotopes
         dysprosium oxides
         dysprosium silicides