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老人における栄養素摂取と血清総コレステロール, HDLコレステロールとの関連

永井 晴美; 七田 恵子; 須山 靖男; 柴田 博; 松崎 俊久; 山川 喜久江; 小林 修平

Journal@rchive (Japan) (Japanese)


Technology Transfer and Technological Capability Building in Informal Firms in Tanzania

Szogs, Astrid

Technology transfer is important to understand how knowledge is transformed to economic value. Applying a case study approach, this thesis investigates the technology transfer efforts from the University of Dar Es Salaam to indigenous informal SMEs in Tanzania and examines the impact of one of their...

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Detection of Internal and External Methamphetamine in Human Hair by Ion Mobility Spectrometry

三木 昭宏; /; / 辰野 道昭; 片木 宗弘; 西川 眞弓; / 畑野 茂和; 土橋 均; Lena KIM; Shigekazu HATANO; Hitoshi TSUCHIHASHI

Journal@rchive (Japan) (Japanese)


Association of the HLA-DRB1 Gene with Susceptibility to Aortoarteritis in a Chinese Han Population

Aimin DANG; Bing WANG; Yuhui ZHANG; Penghua ZHANG; Jianfeng HUANG; Guozhang LIU; Deyu ZHENG; Changchun QIU and Lisheng LIU

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